A Grand Tour of the Omaze Head Office UK: Charity Revolutionised

Step inside the Omaze UK Head Office! Experience how they’re transforming charity, shaping global philanthropy, and making giving back fun! Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how the innovative minds at Omaze Head Office UK create magical experiences that resonate globally, sparking a fresh wave of charitable giving that’s fun and rewarding for all.

omaze head office uk
Omaze Head Office UK

Where is Omaze UK based?


Stepping into the world of philanthropy is Omaze, an organisation renowned for its ingenious approach to charity fundraising. The heart of their operations? The Omaze Head Office UK.

This behind-the-scenes tour takes you through the exciting journey of how the Omaze UK Head Office plays a pivotal role in shaping and influencing the sphere of charitable giving.

Here, every action and decision stems from a deep-seated commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities across the globe, setting new precedents for philanthropy in the process.

Exploring the Heart of Operations

The Omaze Head Office UK serves as a bustling centre for innovative charitable initiatives. The brainchild of Matthew Pohlson and Ryan Cummins, Omaze House draws has grown from a dream into a transformative global platform. Its commitment to amplifying social good has indeed become its defining trait, all directed from its pulsating heart, the Omaze UK Head Office.

Strategically placed and powerfully driven, the head office is an ecosystem of creative thinking, unwavering commitment, and audacious problem-solving that powers Omaze’s game-changing approach to charity.

Omaze Headquarters UK

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The Influence of the Omaze UK Head Office on the Global Stage

Strategically located, the Omaze UK Head Office is instrumental in coordinating global efforts to rally for charitable causes. Offering exclusive experiences and prizes, from celebrity encounters to dream homes, Omaze co uk consistently strives to revolutionise the traditional concept of charity.

Each initiative is meticulously planned and executed, acting as an international beacon of goodwill that transcends borders, bringing a sense of shared purpose and collective responsibility to supporters worldwide.

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The Enriching Culture of the Omaze Head Office UK

The culture at the Omaze Head Office UK is steeped in passion, innovation, and a commitment to effecting social change. An ethos of positivity reverberates through its corridors, where every team member contributes to the overarching mission: creating a significant, lasting impact.

It’s a place where ideas blossom into reality, where the collective strength fuels the mission to create joy for donors and recipients alike. It is in this dynamic environment that the vision of a more giving world truly comes to life.

Is Omaze Real?

Omaze Head Office UK Registered Address

To facilitate easier interaction and deeper understanding of the organisation, it’s essential to know where the pivotal decisions are made. Here, we present the necessary details and a glimpse of the Omaze Head Office UK Address. Explore the place where charitable magic is brought to life.

The necessary information about Omaze UK Office is as follows:

  • Company: Omaze UK Limited (Private Limited Company)
  • Nature of Business – SIC: 82990 (Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified
  • Registered Head Office Address: 3rd Floor 1 Ashley Road, Altrincham, United Kingdom, WA14 2DT
  • Omaze UK Contact and Telephone Number

Omaze Head Office UK location is mentioned below:

Inside the Omaze UK Head Office – A Hotbed of Innovation

Innovation is the order of the day within the Omaze Head Office UK. Here, the brightest minds work to refine and develop a model that makes giving back both fun and rewarding for everyone involved. The walls echo with the vibrant buzz of collaborative problem-solving, transforming unique ideas into campaigns that touch hearts and change lives worldwide.

It’s here, within these creative confines, that charity takes on a thrilling new persona, one that inspires participation and celebrates generosity in a truly extraordinary way.

How much is an Omaze ticket UK?


The Omaze Head Office UK is indeed a testament to the power of imaginative and impactful giving. It has revolutionised the sphere of charitable contributions and continues to break new ground.

As it stands, the Omaze Head Office is not just a physical location, but a symbol of hope and positivity, making dreams come true for both the recipients and those who give generously.

So, as you cast your next entry or make your next donation, remember that behind the scenes at the Omaze Head Office UK, there’s a team dedicated to making the world a better place – one experience at a time.

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Where is the Omaze Head Office UK located?

The Omaze UK Head Office is located in London, United Kingdom. Its strategic location helps in effectively managing and coordinating their global initiatives.

What role does the Omaze Head Office UK play?

The Omaze UK Head Office is the epicentre of all operations. It’s where the core team develops innovative strategies, collaborates with charities, and coordinates global campaigns.

How does the Omaze UK Head Office impact the community?

The Omaze Head Office UK makes giving back fun, accessible, and rewarding. They create experiences that attract people from all walks of life to contribute towards causes that matter, thereby making a significant impact.

How can one get involved with Omaze UK?

Omaze UK offers several ways to get involved. One can enter various experiences or donate directly to a cause. More information is available on their official website.

What are some of the initiatives that the Omaze UK Head Office has overseen?

The Omaze UK Head Office oversees a range of initiatives that span across different interests, from dream home giveaways to exclusive celebrity experiences. Each campaign has a unique appeal and is dedicated to supporting a variety of charitable causes.

How does the Omaze UK Head Office ensure the transparency of its operations?

Transparency is a core value at the Omaze UK Head Office. All their campaigns, the selection process, and the allocation of funds to charitable causes are conducted with full disclosure and in compliance with legal requirements.

Can I visit the Omaze Head Office UK?

Due to privacy and security reasons, the Omaze UK Head Office is not open to the public. However, you can always get in touch with them via their official website or contact number for any queries or concerns.

How does the Omaze UK Head Office manage relationships with charities?

The Omaze UK Head Office has a dedicated team that liaises with charities. They ensure that partnerships align with Omaze’s mission and the funds raised reach the intended causes in an efficient and timely manner.

Please note that Omaze UK’s office has moved from its former London location to Altrincham.

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