Explore the Charms of Omaze House: Past Offerings and What’s on the Horizon Next!

Omaze has been on everyone’s lips lately. With their dream giveaways, they’ve piqued the interest of many, especially with the enticing Omaze House offerings. But, with all the buzz, what’s the truth behind these houses? Let’s delve into the various Omaze Houses and uncover some fascinating details.

omaze house
Explore the Omaze House Offerings!

What is the Omaze House?

The Omaze House is a lavish property prize offered by the renowned Omaze platform. These houses are usually located in desirable & expensive locations which are worth millions. These houses are usually decorated and fully furnished.

When individuals contribute to select charitable initiatives through Omaze, they’re entered into a draw with the potential of winning one of these exquisite homes.

It’s a unique concept that seamlessly marries the spirit of giving with the dream of luxury living, granting many the opportunity to envision a life they had only dreamed of while supporting worthy causes.

What is the Omaze House Draw?

An Omaze House Draw is a unique lottery-style event hosted by Omaze. Participants, after making charitable donations, are entered into a draw with the possibility of winning a luxurious property.

Additionally, the Omaze House Draw also offers other rewards like cash, luxury cars, and expensive vocations.

Omaze partners with different charities for each draw, and the charity receives a majority of the proceeds from ticket sales. It combines philanthropy with the allure of life-changing prizes, offering a memorable experience while championing worthy causes.

To participate in the Omaze House draw, one must buy tickets on the Omaze UK Official Website. Increase your number of tickets to enhance your odds of winning the house. Once the house draw has been closed and all tickets have been grabbed, a random selection process decides the winner.

The Omaze Houses So Far

The allure of the Omaze platform lies not just in the luxurious prizes, but in the stories these houses tell and the lives they touch. Spanning the breadth of the United Kingdom, each property is a testament to opulence and philanthropy working hand in hand.

To date, Omaze UK has presented 22 houses, each nestled in prime, elite-class locations. These luxurious residences, made available through the Omaze Draw, have not only fulfilled many dreams but also significantly aided numerous charities, with millions of pounds being generously donated. Let’s have a look at these Omaze Houses:

  1. Cheshire House
  2. London House
  3. Cotswolds House
  4. Devon House
  5. Wimbledon House
  6. Ascot House
  7. Lake District House
  8. Cotswolds House 2
  9. Cornwall House
  10. Kent House
  11. Marbella House
  12. Lake District House 2
  13. London House 2
  14. Cornwall House 2
  15. Cotswolds House 3
  16. Yorkshire House
  17. Norfolk House
  18. Devon House 2
  19. Scottish House
  20. London III House
  21. Somerset House
  22. Mallorca House
  23. Cotswold House 4

Let’s delve deeper into each of these Omaze Houses, exploring the features and offerings of the houses, the individuals who were lucky enough to win them, and the significant funds each draw raised for their respective supporting charities.

Omaze Cheshire House

Omaze Cheshire House Overview

Nestled in the prosperous village of Prestbury, Cheshire, the Cheshire House stood as a modern marvel—a lavish 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom detached property valued at million of pounds.

In 2020, this house, which boasts features like an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and steam room within a separate pool house, was the grand prize in the Omaze Cheshire House Draw.

Remarkably, the draw amassed over £250,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The fortunate winner, Ian Garrick, a 58-year-old civil servant from Lincolnshire, clinched this architectural beauty with a mere £10 entry. While grateful for the win, Ian plans to sell the property, envisioning a fresh start for his family and continuing to champion charitable causes.

Omaze London House

Omaze UK London House Overview

Located in the heart of London, in one of its most admired residential locales, the Omaze London House is a symbol of urban luxury living. This exoticize furnished townhouse offers not only a high level of comfort but also a taste of the vibrant city life.

Nestled in the heart of London’s bustling streets, this Omaze house is the perfect mix of upscale elegance and the thrilling lifestyle that only one of the globe’s most celebrated cities can offer.

Right outside your door, you’re greeted with a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, historical depth, and a vibrant entertainment scene that never sleeps.

The London House Draw has been a phenomenal success, amassing an impressive £1,000,000 in support of the British Heart Foundation. Marilyn P. from Greater London won this incredible house in London by buying a £10 ticket.

Omaze Cotswolds House

Tucked away in the gentle hills of the Cotswolds, the Omaze Cotswolds House is the very picture of a classic British country home. Every corner of this house, from its cosy living spaces to its fully-equipped kitchen, speaks of both comfort and style, offering the perfect marriage of traditional charm and contemporary living.

Darren W. from Bath was the lucky winner of this delightful Cotswolds abode in the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, which also made a significant contribution of £500,000 to The Prince’s Trust.

Omaze Devon House

Omaze UK Devon House Overview

The majestic Devon House, unveiled in the 2021 Omaze Devon House Draw, graces the coastal village of Combe Martin, Devon.

This 5-bedroom Omaze House, designed in 2020, boasts not only contemporary interiors and sea-facing views, but also a one-of-a-kind glass infinity pool.

The sale of this Omaze Draw’s tickets helped raise an impressive £500,000 for the NSPCC’s Childline. Glen Elmy, a foundry worker from Walsall, transformed his life with a £10 ticket, echoing that Omaze is about both life-changing opportunities and profound philanthropy.

Omaze Wimbledon House

omaze uk wimbledon
Omaze Wimbledon House

Nestled within Wimbledon’s vibrant community, the 2021 Omaze Wimbledon House Draw revealed a true architectural wonder. Crafted in 2020, this 5-bedroom home is much more than a stunning example of modern design; it’s a symbol of generous giving.

What sets this house apart is its extraordinary underground wine cellar, capable of holding up to 500 bottles, blending luxury with practicality.

Impressively, the draw for this Wimbledon house succeeded in gathering £500,000 in support of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Heekyoung Jin, a Wallington resident, epitomised the dream by securing this masterpiece with a mere £10 entry, exemplifying the union of charity and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Omaze Ascot House

omaze uk ascot
Omaze Ascot House

Nestled in Ascot, Berkshire, the exquisite 5-bedroom Ascot House became the focal point of the 2021 Omaze Ascot House Draw. With its multi-million pound valuation, this modern gem from 2020, boasting an opulent home cinema, symbolised hope, collecting an impressive £3 million for Cancer Research UK.

Leyton’s Becca Pott, an astounded mother-of-two, epitomised the Omaze dream, winning this lavish abode with just a £10 ticket. Her story stands testament to the blend of charity and boundless opportunities, showing that dreams, no matter how grand, are attainable.

Omaze Lake District House

A Quick Overview of Omaze Lake District House

The Lake District is known for its scenic beauty. Omaze capitalised on this by offering a beautiful home right in the heart of nature. Its pristine surroundings and serene environment make it a top choice among entrants.

Catherine Carwardine from Telford couldn’t believe her luck when she was announced as the winner of a stunning house in the Lake District – especially since the news arrived on April Fool’s Day!

It took a moment for her and her family to realise this dream was actually reality. Impressively, this draw didn’t just change Catherine’s life; it also raised a remarkable £1,000,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK, contributing to their vital work in creating a future free from the devastating impact of dementia.

Omaze Cotswolds House II

Omaze Cotswolds II House Overview

Tucked away in the charming Cotswold countryside of England, the Omaze Cotswolds House II is a true jewel of luxury and comfort. This dreamy residence features six beautifully decorated bedrooms, all furnished with the latest in modern amenities.

With its thoughtful design and complete furnishing, this Omaze house provides a living experience like no other, blending Cotswold charm with the height of modern style and convenience.

Adding to its impact, the draw for this house impressively generated a staggering £1,000,000 for the RSPCA. Susan Havenhand from Taunton won this beautiful house in the Cotswolds. The draw has raised a whopping £1,000,000 for the RSPCA.

Omaze Cornwall House

omaze uk cornwall
Omaze UK Cornwall House

In the 2022 Omaze Cornwall House Draw, a stunning 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom home in Rock, Cornwall, captured everyone’s attention.

This modern house, adorned with top-tier finishes, boasted spacious living areas, a kitchen fitted with every imaginable appliance, and a luxurious master suite complete with an en-suite bathroom and dressing room.

Its crowning glory? An indoor swimming pool in a separate annex, alongside a sauna and steam room for ultimate relaxation. Set in the desirable Camel Estuary area, the draw for this gorgeous property successfully contributed over £1 million to Blood Cancer UK.

The fortunate winner, Uttam Parmar, a 58-year-old from Leicestershire, was overjoyed and almost couldn’t believe the luck that brought his family this dream home.

Omaze Kent House

omaze kent house
Omaze Kent House

In the affluent village of Deal, Kent, the 2022 Omaze Kent House Draw presented a truly spectacular 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom detached house. Worth millions, this property stood out with its luxurious finishes, expansive open-plan living space, and a master suite featuring its own en-suite bathroom.

This Omaze house’s large garden stretched to a clifftop edge, offering stunning vistas of the English Channel and a direct path to the beach below.

This draw successfully gathered over £500,000 for Global’s Make Some Noise. Neil Jackson, a London-based father of 45, won this dream home with a modest £10 entry, describing it as a fairy-tale come true for his family.

Omaze Marbella House

Omaze Marbella House Overview

In 2022, Omaze unveiled the Marbella House Draw, offering a chance to own a stunning 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home in Sierra Blanca, Marbella, Spain. This modern jewel featured the finest finishes, a generously sized open-plan living area, a sleek kitchen, and a master suite with its own luxurious bathroom.

Adding to its allure, the property boasted a meticulously landscaped garden, an elegant infinity pool, and mesmerising views of the Mediterranean Sea, topped off with a rooftop terrace for enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

The draw was a resounding success, raising over £800,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Mark, a 57-year-old legal consultant from Wigan, emerged as the lucky winner, his £25 entry transforming into a magnificent home under the Spanish sun.

Omaze Lake District House II

lake district omaze
Lake District Omaze UK House II

Tucked away in the tranquil Lake District, UK, lies the Omaze Lake District House II, a charming farmhouse that epitomises countryside luxury.

Far from the city’s noise and haste, it offers a peaceful haven, blending tranquillity with all the comforts of home. Here, one can unwind and relish the stunning beauty of the Lake District’s natural landscapes.

Grant Carson from Glasgow was the lucky recipient of this enchanting house, along with £100,000 to ease his transition. The draw was a phenomenal success, raising a whopping £850,000 for the Dogs Trust, demonstrating the power of generosity and the allure of rural living.

Omaze London House II

omaze uk london house
Omaze UK London House II

In the vibrant heart of North London, the Omaze London House II is a beacon of lavishness and refined living. This stunning townhouse, with a value that soars into the multi-millions, is the very definition of luxurious living.

Decked out with every conceivable modern comfort and luxury, it offers more than just a home – it’s a gateway to a life of elegance and ease in one of the most desirable areas of London.

The London II House Draw has raised an incredible £2,000,000 for the British Heart Foundation (BHF). Kevin Johnson from East London has won this multi-million pounds house.

Omaze Cornwall House II

omaze cornish house
Omaze Cornwall House Exclusive Insight

The Omaze Cornwall House II Draw in 2023 featured a magnificent 6-bedroom, three-story house in Fowey, Cornwall as its grand prize. This dream home is the second most expensive house that Omaze UK has ever offered in their draws.

A contemporary gem, it boasted a spacious open-plan living and dining area, a modern kitchen with breakfast bar, and an opulent master suite. This Omaze house’s prime waterfront location offered panoramic views of Fowey Harbour and the River Fowey, alongside exclusive access to a private beach.

Just a stone’s throw away from Fowey’s charming selection of shops, eateries, and traditional pubs, this home is also conveniently situated a short drive from iconic Cornish attractions such as the Eden Project, Padstow, and St Ives.

Significantly, its role in the fundraising efforts led to an impressive over £2.1 million being raised for Marie Curie. The winner, June Smith, a 70-year-old grandmother from Essex, claimed this dream house with a mere £25 donation.

Omaze Cotswold House III

omaze cotswold house
The Omaze Cotswolds III House

The Omaze Cotswold House III goes beyond being just a home; it’s where the allure of history meets the finesse of modern living. This distinctive property is decked out with all the latest features, including a heated pool and a gym, all complemented by stunning views that capture the essence of the scenic Cotswolds.

Offering expansive living space designed for comfort, this Omaze UK house also provides convenient access to major cities.

Located near historical English landmarks, the house stands as a testament to both heritage and modern elegance, making it a dream home in every aspect.

Will Satherley from Cardiff won this luxurious house in the Cotswolds plus a life-changing £100,000 in cash while the draw has raised an incredible £2,150,000 for the NSPCC.

Omaze Yorkshire House

omaze yorkshire house
Omaze Yorkshire House Insights

Set in the breathtaking scenery of Harrogate, Yorkshire, the Omaze Yorkshire House is a perfect blend of modern architecture and the classic Yorkshire style, a true marvel of design. This luxurious farmhouse, worth millions, became the coveted prize of the Omaze Yorkshire House Draw in 2023.

Spanning a generous 5,000 square feet and sitting on about 2 acres, it perfectly captures Yorkshire’s famed blend of old-world charm and modern comfort.

This Omaze house is environmentally conscious too, with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and sustainable building materials.

Inside, it’s all about luxury, with high-end finishes, spacious open-plan living, and cutting-edge smart home technology for unparalleled ease and convenience.

This draw was a resounding success, raising over £1.95 million for Blood Cancer UK. Eliza from London, who won this magnificent property on her birthday, was overcome with happiness and surprise, fully aware of how this prize would wonderfully transform her life.

Omaze Norfolk House

omaze norfolk house
Omaze Norfolk House Insights!

The 2023 Omaze Norfolk House Draw unveiled an extraordinary prize – a luxurious 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom detached house in Blakeney, Norfolk, worth millions.

Constructed in 2021, this stunning home featured a sleek, contemporary design with the finest finishes, including a sprawling open-plan living and dining area, a top-of-the-line kitchen, and a sumptuous master suite.

The property’s charm was further enhanced by its expansive garden, complete with a patio and lush lawn. Its position on the coast provided mesmerising views over the Blakeney Point National Nature Reserve and direct access to the beach, making it a truly idyllic spot.

Plus, it was just a hop away from all the local village conveniences and a short drive from Norfolk’s famous attractions like Norwich city, the Broads, and the Sandringham Estate.

The lucky winner of this magnificent Norfolk House was Daren Bell, a facilities manager from Bournemouth, who also received a hefty £100,000 in cash. Impressively, this draw played a crucial role in raising over £1.4 million for the RNLI.

Omaze Devon House II

omaze devon house
Omaze Devon House 2023!

Perched upon the rolling hills of Hennock in the stunning landscapes of Devon, UK, the Omaze Devon 2 House stands as a testament to elegance and luxury. This English Country Mansion was the coveted grand prize of the Omaze Devon House Draw in 2023.

The Omaze Devon II House unfolds over an impressive 3660 sq feet, featuring five beautifully designed bedrooms and three stylish bathrooms.

This luxurious Omaze house is further adorned with an open-plan kitchen and dining space, offering sweeping views of the picturesque gardens. In the lounge, a traditional log burner infuses a cosy, warm atmosphere.

For those working from home, there’s a dedicated office space, ensuring productivity amidst tranquillity. The outdoor space is just as enchanting, with manicured lawns, woodland areas, and vibrant floral arrangements enhancing the property’s natural allure.

The inclusion of a charming guest house, complete with two bedrooms, a shower room, and its own open-plan kitchen and living area, adds an extra layer of elegance and functionality to this stunning home.

The Devon House II Draw has successfully raised £1.7 million for Macmillan Cancer Support. Simon Williams from West Sussex has won this beautiful house in Devon along with £100,000 in cash .

Omaze Scottish House

omaze scotland house
Omaze Scotland House 2023 in Gleneagles

Set against the lush backdrop of Gleneagles, the Omaze Scotland House exudes luxury and sophistication. This majestic Scottish Mansion, perfectly marrying state-of-the-art amenities with traditional Highland architecture, radiates a sense of exclusivity, especially with its proximity to the renowned Gleneagles Golf Course in Auchterarder.

Sprawling over 11,708 sq feet, this grand property boasts six exquisitely appointed bedrooms, six luxurious bathrooms, and an innovative VR Golf Room, offering a blend of comfort and cutting-edge technology. The quaint village of Auchterarder is just a short walk away, adding to the property’s charm.

The Scotland House Draw has been a phenomenal success, amassing an impressive £1,800,000 for Breast Cancer Now. Jon from Berkshire emerged as the fortunate winner of this splendid Scottish residence. 

Omaze London III House

omaze london house
Omaze London III House

The Omaze London III House is a stunning Georgian Townhouse in Chelsea, London, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and elegance. This Omaze house is an architectural marvel in one of London’s most coveted postcodes and offers a unique chance for one lucky winner to celebrate Christmas in style.

This Omaze London House spans 1770 sq feet, featuring three opulent bedrooms and bathrooms. This Chelsea Townhouse, boasting a potential rental value of £12,350 per month, stands as much more than a mere dwelling; it’s a striking symbol of the luxury and prestige that London’s property market is renowned for.

Poised to elevate someone’s festive season, it promises an experience of unmatched elegance and supreme comfort. Oceanne Belle from Barking won the Chelsea Townhouse in West London while the draw raised a massive £2,600,000 for NHS Charities Together.

Omaze Somerset House

omaze somerset house
Omaze Somerset House 2023

The Omaze Somerset House Draw presents an exceptional opportunity to win a striking villa in Somerset, a prize perfectly capturing the Christmas spirit.

This architectural gem on Hayeswood Road, Timsbury, Bath, Somerset, is a modern masterpiece, offering six luxurious bedrooms and four elegant bathrooms across 9,062 sq feet of living space.

Merging modernity with nature’s tranquillity, it boasts a garden that complements Somerset’s natural beauty. This Omaze house is the perfect blend of comfort and style, complete with exclusive features such as a tennis court and an expansive garage that can accommodate up to 13 cars.

With a rental value estimated between £6,000 and £8,000, it’s the perfect family home, where every detail speaks of luxury.

Michael Maher from Luton hit the jackpot, winning the Somerset House along with a tidy sum of £100,000. The draw was a resounding success, raising an incredible £3,500,000 for the RSPCA, marking a significant contribution to animal welfare.

Omaze Mallorca House

omaze mallorca house
Omaze Mallorca House 2023

The Omaze Mallorca House embodies the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, offering a unique blend of comfort and investment opportunity. This majestic villa, complete with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, spans an impressive 5,618 sq feet. Boasting exquisite Balearic furnishings, it’s ready for immediate occupancy, whether to live in, rent out, or even sell.

The property includes added luxuries like a swimming pool and offers a potential rental income of £3,000 per month.

Free from additional costs such as stamp duty, mortgage, or conveyancing fees, it represents a dream opportunity for the fortunate winner to own a slice of paradise, complete with all the essentials for a perfect Mediterranean lifestyle.

Graham Dunlop, hailing from Southampton, hit the jackpot by winning a breathtaking villa in Mallorca valued at £3,000,000, not to mention an additional £250,000 in cash.

The Omaze Mallorca Superdraw wasn’t just a win for Graham; it also raised £3,100,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK. This substantial sum will support fifteen NHS clinical researchers over two years as they pioneer new methods to evaluate the effectiveness of potential treatments.

Omaze Cotswold House IV

omaze cotswold house
Omaze Cotswold House 2024

Step into the world of the Omaze Cotswold IV House, a stunning jewel in the Cotswolds, merging contemporary luxury with timeless rural beauty. This splendid property is more than just a home; it’s a serene retreat and a gateway to a new lifestyle.

With its participation benefiting charity, this house not only promises a dream dwelling but also offers a chance to make a positive impact. The early bird prize in this draw truly sets the bar high for the best Valentine Gift for 2024; it’s a whopping quarter of a million pounds

The Cotswolds House draw has recently kicked off, with the winner set to be revealed following the draw’s conclusion. This exciting house draw is proud to support the GOSH Charity, contributing to its meaningful work.

Sarah Stocks from Essex won this astonishing home in Cotswolds valued over £3,000,000, not to mention an additional £250,000 in cash. This draw has raised and donated £3,000,000 to GOSH Charity.

Omaze Cornwall House III

Discover the charm of the Omaze Cornwall House 2024, a breathtaking residence located in St Agnes, Cornwall. This architectural masterpiece combines modern sophistication with the tranquil essence of Cornwall’s natural landscape. It represents not just a place to live, but a tranquil sanctuary and a doorway to an enriched life.

By entering this draw, you’re not only vying for a chance to call this dream house your home but also contributing to a noble cause. The early bird prize for this draw elevates the idea of the ultimate Mothers Day Gift 2024 to new heights; imagine gifting a Porsche Taycan.

The Cornwall 3 House draw is underway, with anticipation building for the announcement of the winner once the draw concludes. This exceptional opportunity is in support of WWF, making it a win-win: a potential dream home for you and vital support for those in need.

Omaze House Facts and Statistics

Let’s explore the finer details of these Omaze Houses, delving into specifics such as each house’s market value, its picturesque location, and the array of unique features that set these properties apart in the realm of luxury living.

Omaze HouseHouse ValueHouse LocationUnique Feature
The Cheshire House£1,000,000+Prestbury, Cheshire, UKIndoor Swimming Pool with Sauna + Steam Room
The London House£3,000,000London, United KingdomA Luxurious Townhouse
The Cotswolds House£2,500,000Cotswold, United KingdomA British Countryside Home
The Devon House£3,000,000Combe Martin, Devon, UKGlass Infinity Pool at First Floor – Sea View
The Wimbledon House£3,500,000Wimbledon, UKUnderground Wine Cellar with 500 Bottles of Storage
The Ascot House£3,500,000Ascot, Berkshire, UKLatest Technology Home Cinema for 12 People
The Lake District House£3,000,000Lake District, UKA Lavish House
The Cotswold II House£3,500,000Cotswolds, EnglandSix Bedroom Dream Home
The Cornwall House £3,000,000Rock, Cornwall, UKIndoor Swimming Pool and Direct Access to the Camel Estuary
The Kent House£2,500,000Deal, Kent, UKClifftop Location with Direct Access to the Beach
The Marbella House£2,000,000Sierra Blanca Mountains, MarbellaPanoramic Views on the Rooftop Terrace 
The Lake District II House£2,500,000Lake District, United KingdomA Fantastic Farmhouse
The London II House£3,000,000North London, UKBeautiful and Luxurious Townhouse
The Cornwall II House£4,500,000Fowey, Cornwall, UKWaterfront Location with Private Beach
The Cotswolds III House£3,500,000Chipping Campden, CotswoldsModern Amenities, Scenic Views, Heated pool, and Gym
The Yorkshire House£1,925,000Harrogate, Yorkshire, EnglandFarmhouse
The Norfolk House£4,500,000Blakeney, Norfolk, UKCoastal Location – Views of the Blakeney Point National Nature Reserve
The Devon II House £2,200,000Hennock, Devon, UKEnglish Countryside Mansion
The Scotland House£3,750,000Gleneagles, UKVirtual Golf Room, Cinema, and Gym
The London III House£5,000,000Chelsea, West LondonLondon’s most coveted postcodes
The Somerset House£3,000,000Timsbury, Bath, SomersetA Tennis Court and 13 Cars Garage
The Mallorca House£3,000,000Balearic Islands, MallorcaPétanque Court and Gardens
The Cotswold IV House£3,200,000Charlbury, CotswoldsScenic Views, Annexe, Butler’s Pantry, Home Office, and more
The Cornwall III House£3,100,000St Agnes, CornwallA Secret Den and a Sunken Hot Tub in the open
All the Omaze Houses So Far!

But, not all has been smooth sailing. There’s been some controversy surrounding the Omaze Dream House Cancelled event. While reasons weren’t explicitly stated, it does remind us that while Omaze offers dream prizes, they also need to navigate real-world challenges.

A Glimpse into the Future

This sweepstake system of Omaze .Co .UK has seen many winners walk away with dream homes. With entry tickets priced reasonably, it has garnered immense participation.

Omaze UK, being the innovative platform that it is, always has something up its sleeve. While the Omaze House Lottery continues to intrigue, there’s a constant buzz around what the Next Omaze House will be.

Next Omaze House

The anticipation is palpable. Every time a new Omaze House Draw is announced, the excitement surges. While we wait with bated breath for the next announcement, past trends suggest it will be nothing short of spectacular.

The allure lies in the mystery and potential of what’s to come – a new location, a new dream home, each more impressive than the last, continuously fuelling the dreams of participants and benefiting charitable causes.

Omaze New House

As they continue to expand their offerings, the Omaze new houses in the line-up promise to be bigger and better. Omaze’s commitment to combining luxury with philanthropy means each new house is not just a home, but a beacon of hope and generosity, often in some of the most sought-after locations, redefining the standards of dream living.

Explore the Omaze House Draw Results to uncover the winning entry codes of houses that dreams are made of. These codes mark the beginning of an incredible journey for the fortunate winners, granting them keys to not just a new home, but a new life filled with unimaginable possibilities and luxury.


In conclusion, each Omaze House, from the rustic charm of the Cotswolds to the urban elegance of London, represents not just a prize but a dream come true. These properties, enhancing lives and supporting charities, embody a unique blend of luxury, philanthropy, and the chance to experience a new way of living.

Exploring the world of Omaze Houses reveals how these draws do much more than just hand over keys to a new house. They open doors to fresh starts and new hopes, allowing winners to embark on exciting new chapters in their lives.

Moreover, they serve as a powerful means to support significant charitable causes, all wrapped up in the promise of a luxurious lifestyle.

When it comes to charitable giveaways, Omaze Subscription opens up a world of unparalleled opportunities, offering a range of prizes and experiences that truly distinguish it from other Omaze Competitors. Diving into the Omaze Blog reveals a treasure trove of information on their latest offerings and inspiring success stories.

However, it’s equally important to stay informed about any Omaze Controversies. Being aware of these discussions is crucial for a clear and honest perspective on how it operates, understanding its effects on both the lucky Omaze Winners and the charities they support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Omaze House?

An Omaze House isn’t just any prize; it’s a luxury property that comes as the star of Omaze’s charity raffles. These houses stand out for their breathtaking settings, top-notch facilities, and remarkable architecture. They represent a unique mix of charitable giving and the chance to win something that could truly transform your life.

What is the Omaze House Draw?

The Omaze House Draw is a unique opportunity where participants can win luxury houses located in various prestigious locations through a charity-driven raffle.

How often does the Next Omaze House get announced?

Omaze usually announces new house offerings every month. Every month a new house draw is launched.

Was there an Omaze Dream House Cancelled event?

Yes, there was an instance where an Omaze house offering was cancelled. The exact reasons remain undisclosed but according to news it was due to some legal issues.

How do one participate in the Omaze House Lottery?

Visit Omaze’s official website, choose the house draw  you’re interested in, and buy some entries/donate some money and bang you are in.

How can I win an Omaze House Draw?

You can participate by entering the draw on the Omaze website, usually through a small charitable donation, which grants you a chance to win the house.

Are the Omaze Houses fully furnished?

Houses that Omaze offers in the draw are fully furnished and equipped with latest amenities, offering an exotic and comfortable living experience.

Where are the Omaze Houses located?

Omaze Houses are located in various desirable locations, including the Cotswolds, London, Devon, Cornwall and more, each offering its unique charm and luxury.

Can anyone from around the world win an Omaze House?

No, only the residents of the United Kingdom are allowed to participate in the draws and only they can win an Omaze house.

What are some unique features of these Omaze Houses?

The Unique features of these houses vary from property to property but usually it includes special features like indoor swimming pools, home cinemas, rooftop terraces, home gym, and expansive gardens, all in line with exotic living.

Is there any additional cost to the winner, like stamp duty or conveyancing fees?

No, there is not any kind of additional cost. The stamp duty, mortgage, or conveyancing fees are covered by Omaze, making the prize a true windfall for the winner.

How is the winner of an Omaze House chosen?

A random draw process has been used to select the winners, ensuring a fair chance for all participants.

Can You Sell the Omaze House if You win?

Yes, winners have the option to sell the Omaze house if they choose, providing a significant financial benefit.

When is the Omaze Yorkshire House Draw?

Omaze has only offered one house in Yorkshire to date. The Omaze Yorkshire House Draw took place in July 2023. There is a possibility that Omaze may offer another house in Yorkshire in the future.

Where is the Omaze Cornwall House?

Omaze has offered three houses in Cornwall. The first Omaze Cornwall house, offered in 2022, is located in Rock. The second Cornwall house, from the 2023 draw, is situated in Fowey, Cornwall, UK, both showcasing the stunning beauty and charm of the region. The third is located in St Agnes from the 2024 draw.

Where is the Omaze Norfolk House?

The Omaze Norfolk House is situated in Blakeney, Norfolk, UK, a charming village known for its natural beauty and serene coastal surroundings.

Where is the Omaze Lake District House?

The Omaze Lake District House is located in Ambleside, Cumbria, in the heart of the Lake District National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its breathtaking landscapes.

Where in Somerset is the Omaze House?

The Omaze House in Somerset is located in the village of Timsbury, near Bath, Somerset, UK, an area renowned for its picturesque countryside and historical significance.

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