Explore the Magical Omaze Somerset House: A Chance to Win Your Dream Villa

Have you ever dreamt of owning a luxurious house in one of the most picturesque locations in the UK? The Omaze Somerset House 2023 draw offers just that – a rare opportunity to win a stunning villa in the heart of Somerset. This unique event has captured the imagination of many, promising the winner a life-changing experience.

omaze somerset house
Omaze Somerset House 2023

Only one lucky winner will have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in this magnificent villa, already adorned and eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival. Imagine the joy of hosting Christmas dinner in such an exquisite setting, where the festive decorations and warm, welcoming ambiance create an unforgettable holiday experience.

Somerset – A Rural Paradise with Rich History

Somerset, a ceremonial county in South West England, is celebrated for its rolling hills, breathtaking coastline, and profound historical roots. Encircled by the Bristol Channel, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Dorset, and Devon, it presents a picturesque rural retreat.

Somerset captivates with its natural beauty, including the Quantock and Mendip Hills, and Exmoor National Park. Its rich history is highlighted by Bath’s Roman architecture and the mythical Glastonbury Tor.

The coastline features sandy beaches and traditional harbours like Minehead. Activities range from outdoor adventures like hiking and surfing to cultural experiences at events like the Glastonbury Festival. Somerset’s culinary offerings, such as cider and cheese, add to its charm.

Here are some important facts about Somerset, United Kingdom:

  • Area: 4,171 km² (1,610 sq mi)
  • Population: Over 965,424
  • Largest Settlement: City of Bath
  • County Town: Taunton
  • Famous For: Natural Beauty, Roman History, Ancient Sites, Cheddar Gorge, and Cider Production
  • Economy: Tourism, Agriculture, and Manufacturing

What is Omaze Somerset House 2023?

Omaze Somerset House is a remarkable initiative by Omaze, a company known for creating exclusive opportunities for people to win extraordinary prizes while supporting great causes. The Omaze Somerset House Draw stands out as a pinnacle of their offerings, giving a chance to win a beautiful house in Somerset, worth over £3,000,000

This Somerset 2023 House represents a spectacular Christmas gift offered by Omaze. A remarkable prize embodies the spirit of the Christmas season. Immerse yourself in the quintessential essence of Christmas in a residence perfectly crafted for joyous celebrations with loved ones.

This year, one fortunate individual will have the delight of adorning the halls, preparing festive gifts, and awakening on Christmas morning in their own enchanting Somerset House.

Omaze Somerset House Overview

The Omaze House in Somerset

The Omaze House Somerset is a testament to modern architecture and design. It features spacious rooms, luxurious amenities, and a garden that merges seamlessly with the natural beauty of Somerset. Every corner of this house reflects elegance and comfort, making it an ideal family home.

Let’s discover the Omaze Somerset House 2023 features:

  • Front Elevation: Enveloped by a grand gravel driveway and tall, original walls, this house boasts ornate double iron gates and a formal Italianate walled garden, presenting a luxurious exterior.
  • Entrance: Festive scarlet wreaths and twinkling wisteria vines embellish the rubble stone and taupe façade, hinting at the enchanting entrance hall within.
  • Drawing Room: A room where Christmas comes alive, with a crackling fire, shimmering tree lights, and mince pies set for Santa’s Somerset visit.
  • Study: Equipped with a Mac PC, an oversized armchair, extensive bookshelves with a rolling ladder, and serene garden views, this study is an ideal sanctuary for festive preparations.
  • Kitchen: Featuring state-of-the-art Miele appliances, a quartz island, and a bespoke Aegean blue theme, this kitchen is a culinary dream for festive cooking.
  • Dining Room: Under a skylight, around a majestic twelve-seater crown ash table, this dining room is perfect for Christmas feasts with loved ones.
  • Lounge: Adjoining the kitchen in the orangery, this lounge, with its 77″ TV and linen-blend sofa, offers a tranquil retreat and French doors leading to the garden.
  • Snug: A cosy space next to the lounge, ideal for relaxation by the dual-sided log-burning fire, featuring a plush rug and luxurious armchairs.
  • Main Bedroom: Offering panoramic views and ample storage, this main bedroom, complete with a lavish en suite, defines luxury living.
  • Guest Bedroom: This room, with its countryside charm, four-poster bed, modern en suite, and garden views, is a delightful haven for guests.
  • Outdoor Dining: A unique alfresco dining experience awaits under a wooden pergola, amidst wildlife, surrounded by wisteria trees on a marble floor.
  • Outdoor Seating: Enjoy the winter air on a comfortable sofa, wrapped in a blanket with a warm drink, overlooking the dewy lawn.
  • Gardens: The property boasts formal lawns, diverse flora, woodlands, and fields, including majestic redwoods, a well, BBQ area, fruit garden, greenhouse, and potting shed.
  • Rear Elevation: The rear of the house features a dining area under a pergola, cosy seating, expansive lawns, and white mulberry trees, all framed by a cream exterior.

The Somerset House Location

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Somerset, this house boasts an idyllic setting. Somerset, known for its rolling hills and historic towns, is a coveted location, making the Somerset House a dream property for many.

Where is the Omaze Somerset House Located? Nestled close to the idyllic Georgian spa city of Bath, in the picturesque county of Somerset, lies the magical Somerset Omaze House.

This location offers an array of activities; from last-minute Christmas shopping and unwinding in local spas to exploring the stunning Mendip Hills. Perfect for a New Year’s Day walk, there’s something for everyone.

What is the Omaze Somerset House Location? The Omaze Somerset House Address is “8FJV+M8, Bath BA2 0HH, United Kingdom,” easily located at the Google Coordinates “51.331650663312054, -2.506811980271713.”

What Omaze Somerset House Draw is Offering?

The Omaze Somerset House Draw 2023 is offering the opportunity to win a multi-million pounds house, valued at £3,250,000. Imagine the potential of earning £6,000 – £8,000 monthly if you choose to rent it out.

There’s no burden of stamp duty, mortgage, or conveyancing fees, and the winner receives the fully furnished house along with £100,000 cash, offering freedom to move in, rent, or even sell.

Additionally, the Early Bird Prize includes a staggering £250,000 in cash, with the deadline for entry set for Sunday 10th December – a truly life-changing prospect just in time for Christmas.

Participating in the Omaze Somerset House Draw is straightforward. By entering this Omaze Draw, you not only stand a chance to win this magnificent house but also contribute to charitable causes, making it a win-win situation.

Wondering “How to Enter Omaze?” It’s simple and accessible for everyone. Omaze offers a Free Entry option for those who wish to participate without making a purchase. This means you can be part of the excitement and stand a chance to win just like the Omaze Free Entry Winners.

By choosing the free entry route, you ensure your participation in this exciting opportunity, keeping the dream alive to win big without any cost.

Let’s delve into the key facts and details of this Omaze House Draw:

Draw NameOmaze Somerset House Draw
House TypeVilla
House LocationHayeswood Road, Timsbury, Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom
Bedroom6 luxurious bedrooms
Bathrooms4 opulent bathrooms
Property Area9,062sq feet
Property Market Worth£3,250,000
Property Rental Value£6,000 – £8,000
Draw Opening Date26th November, 2023
Draw Closing Date26th December, 2023
Special FeaturesA Tennis Court, 13 Cars Garage
Omaze Somerset House 2023

Below is the Somerset House Floor Plan, meticulously outlined with dimension details to provide a comprehensive understanding of the property’s layout:

Approximate Total Gross Internal Area = 815 sq m (8,771 sq ft), including outbuildings. Main House = 490 sq m (5,274 sq ft)

Workshop = 114 sq m (1,226 sq ft)

Garages = 211 sq m (2,271 sq ft)

omaze somerset house floorplan
Omaze Somerset House Floor-Plan

This remarkable organisation encountered challenges that resulted in a “Dream House Cancelled” situation, sparking public queries about “Omaze UK Going Out of Business“. In any competitive industry, intense rivalry can sometimes lead to questionable practices.

There have been instances where Omaze’s Competitors attempted to stir a Big Controversy by raising doubts about the fairness of Omaze UK. However, over time, the integrity of Omaze’s Competition has stood firm, effectively dispelling concerns and debunking the notion of Omaze being rigged, thereby proving any allegations of rigging unfounded.

The Supporting Cause

The Omaze Somerset House Draw 2023 proudly supports The RSPCA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a leading animal welfare charity in England and Wales, established in 1824.

The RSPCA dedicates itself to enhancing Animal Welfare through various initiatives, including addressing animal cruelty and neglect, rehoming abandoned and unwanted animals, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, and advocating for improved animal welfare laws.

With a commitment to making a significant difference, Omaze Co UK has guaranteed a minimum donation of £1,000,000 from the Somerset House Draw to the RSPCA. Omaze UK aims to raise at least £1 million, with potential to increase based on the generosity of the UK public.

The table below illustrates the potential impact of our combined efforts towards this noble cause. Let’s explore how different donation amounts can fund specific welfare actions by the RSPCA:

£1,000,00060 Days of Answering Calls received at the NCC
40,000 Hours of Inspectorate Officer Time
196,075 RSPCA Emergency Calls
£1,500,00090 Days of Answering Calls received at the NCC
60,000 Hours of Inspectorate Officer Time
294,114 RSPCA Emergency Calls
£2,000,000120 Days of Answering Calls received at the NCC
80,000 Hours of Inspectorate Officer Time
392,152 RSPCA Emergency Calls
What RSPCA Will Do With Omaze Donation?

The Somerset house draw has raised a whopping £3,5000,000 for the RSPCA in just 6 weeks. On this 200th anniversary of the RSPCA, the CEO “Chris Sherwood” said; we are very grateful to become a partner with Omaze UK and we would like to thank everyone who helped to raise funds for our animal welfare work by entering the draw.

How Much Omaze Somerset House Draw has Raised for the RSPCA?

Venture into the Somerset House Draw Results to uncover the winning entry codes that spell the start of a new chapter for the fortunate winners.

Why Enter the Omaze Somerset House Draw?

This section delves into the compelling reasons to participate in the Somerset draw, highlighting its unique appeal and the impactful benefits of entering.

  1. Chance to Own a Dream House: Winning the Somerset House Omaze means owning a luxurious property in one of the UK’s most beautiful locations.
  2. Supporting Good Causes: Each entry contributes to charitable causes (RSPCA), adding a sense of purpose to your participation.
  3. A Unique Opportunity: Opportunities like the Somerset Omaze House are rare, making this an unmissable chance.

Seeking further inspiration to participate? Consider the experiences of previous Omaze Lucky Winners, like those of Norfolk House, Yorkshire House, Cornwall House, and many more. Hearing their personal stories, you’ll understand the joy and excitement of winning big.

Moreover, it’s heartening to know that your participation supports a noble charitable cause. Increasing your donation amount leads to more entries, enhancing your Odds of Winning Omaze Prizes.

Last Call! Win a £3M+ Somerset Dream House & Make This Christmas Unforgettable – Act Now!

Last Chance to Win the £3M+ Somerset House

Past successful house draws, such as the Omaze Cornwall House Draw, Kent House Draw, Lake District House Draw, and Cotswolds House Draw showcase the organisation’s impressive track record.

For comprehensive details, visit the Omaze Blog, which offers a wealth of information ranging from identifying Fake Winners to insights about the Omaze Advert Actress. Don’t miss out on the latest news and updates – ensure you have an Omaze Subscription.

The Somerset Winner

Michael Maher, the Omaze Somerset House Winner, has become the proud owner of a breathtaking £3,000,000 house featuring tennis courts, lush gardens, and expansive woodlands. His life transformed dramatically after purchasing a £10 ticket for the Somerset House Draw, making him the latest multimillionaire.

Michael, along with his wife Amanda, who currently rent their family home, are ecstatic as owning a home was a dream, especially one as luxurious as this country escape.

Michael remarked, ‘The dream was always to secure our future and help our families, and now we can.’ The family, including their two teenage children, and Michael’s two adult sons and grandchild from his first marriage, are all set to experience an extraordinary lifestyle shift.

Despite the newfound luxury, Michael insists on keeping his teenagers grounded, maintaining their Saturday jobs even amidst the grandeur of their new home.

Who Won Omaze Somerset House?


As we conclude, it’s clear that the Omaze Somerset House Draw 2023 offers far more than just a chance to own a luxurious home. From the stunning location of Somerset, to the meticulously detailed residence featuring a tennis court and 13 cars garage, this draw presents a dream come true.

Beyond the allure of the property, the draw serves a noble purpose by supporting The RSPCA, showcasing Omaze’s commitment to animal welfare.

The potential of earning a substantial rental income from this property adds a practical aspect to the grand prize. And with the Early Bird Prize offering an additional £250,000, the draw is not just a pathway to luxury but also a beacon of hope for a better future for animals.

This event encapsulates the spirit of Christmas, combining the joy of potentially winning a life-changing prize with the satisfaction of contributing to a meaningful cause.

Following the Somerset House offering, Omaze UK is also presenting a luxurious Villa in Mallorca through the Omaze Mallorca House Draw. In this exciting event, the first early bird prize is a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Coupe, showcased as the Omaze New Year’s Gift, adding to the allure of this already captivating opportunity.

While discussing Omaze UK and their array of festive offerings, it’s essential to take a moment to delve into the Valentine Gift 2024.


How can I enter the Omaze Somerset House Draw?

You can enter by visiting the Omaze website and following the simple entry process or visit our detailed post on “Omaze Entry”. Make sure to enter before the specified deadlines to qualify for the Early Bird Prize and the main draw.

What makes the Somerset House location so special?

Somerset House is situated near the historic city of Bath, offering a blend of countryside charm and urban convenience. It’s surrounded by stunning natural landscapes like the Mendip Hills and has easy access to local amenities.

Are there any additional benefits to winning the Somerset House?

Yes, in addition to winning the house valued at over £3,250,000, the winner will also receive £100,000 in cash. The house is fully furnished, and there are no conveyancing fees or stamp duty to pay.

Can I participate in the draw if I live outside the UK?

The eligibility for international participants varies. Please check the Omaze website for specific terms and conditions related to your location.

What will the RSPCA do with the donations from the Omaze House Draw?

The donations will support the RSPCA’s efforts in animal welfare, including rescuing animals from cruelty, rehoming abandoned pets, and advocating for animal welfare legislation.

Is the Somerset house suitable for renting out?

Yes, the Somerset House has an estimated long-term rental income of around £6,000 – £8,000 per month, making it a viable option for those considering renting it out.

What is the Early Bird Prize, and how can I qualify for it?

The Early Bird Prize is £250,000 cash. To qualify, make sure to enter the draw by the specified early deadline, which is Sunday 10th December.

What are the key features of Somerset House?

The house boasts six luxurious bedrooms, four opulent bathrooms, a workshop, a tennis court, 13 cars garage and much more.

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