How to Enter Omaze? A Step-by-step Guide for Omaze Entry

Welcome to the exciting world of Omaze, where dreams turn into reality! This comprehensive guide is your key to effortlessly navigating the platform, ensuring a smooth and successful Omaze entry into the contests that intrigue you.

Whether you’re a seasoned participant or a newcomer, this article will arm you with all the necessary steps, tips, and insider knowledge to enhance your Omazing experience.

how to enter omaze
Omaze Entry Guide

How to Enter Omaze Draws? Your Gateway to Incredible Experiences

Diving into Omaze’s exciting realm is straightforward and accessible. This introduction sets the stage for understanding the Omaze entry process, highlighting the simplicity and dual routes available.

There are fundamentally two ways to enter an Omaze Draw. Both methods are user-friendly, ensuring a smooth journey towards potentially life-changing experiences while supporting commendable causes.

The two methods for entering Omaze House Draw are:

  1. Online Entry
  2. Postal Entry

Online Entry

Omaze online entry is a paid option. To participate in Omaze Competition, you must purchase entries. A common query is, “How Much to Enter the Omaze Draw?” The cost of entries ranges from £10 to £150, but there’s no upper limit on the number of tickets you can buy or the amount you can donate.

If you are curious about “How Much Does it Cost to Enter Omaze Draw UK?“, then have a look at the table below:

Omaze Online Entry Packages

Additionally, subscribing monthly enables you to double your entries. The Omaze Subscription not only offers continuous support to charity partners but also ensures entries into every Early Bird and Grand Prize draw, with the flexibility to cancel at any time. The available subscription packages are as follows:

Omaze Subscription Packages

Postal Entry

Omaze’s postal entry offers a free alternative to participating in Prize Draws. It is similar to the paid entry. Only one entry is permitted per postcard or envelope. However, there is no cap on the total number of entries you can submit via this method.

To enter, write or type your full legal name, address (excluding post office box addresses), city, postcode, telephone number (optional), email address, and the specific live Prize Draw you wish to enter on a blank sheet of paper or a postcard. Please make sure that your writing or typing is clear and legible, as unclear entries may be deemed invalid.

Omaze UK has engaged Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services) to collect all postal entries for its current Prize Draws. Send your paper or postcard to the following address, using either first or second class post to do a free entry:

Omaze Postal Entry Address is:

Civica Election Services

33 Clarendon Road


N8 0NW

Any of the entry methods outlined above can be employed to participate in a draw and potentially win the festive gifts such Valentines Gift, New Years Gift, and Omaze Christmas Gifts.

How to Make an Entry on the Omaze Website? A Step-by-step Guide

Navigating the online entry process on Omaze UK’s website is designed for ease and user-friendliness. This guide will walk you through each step, ensuring a smooth experience as you participate in the world of Omaze. Whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent participant, these steps will help you seamlessly enter the contests of your choice.

To make an online entry at Omaze co uk is very simple. Let’s go through these steps one by one:

  1. Open Chrome or Safari and navigate to
  2. On the homepage, click ‘Enter Now’ displayed prominently.
  3. Choose your Entry Type: either ‘Subscription’ or ‘Single Purchase’, and click on your selection.
  4. Decide the amount you wish to donate or the number of entries you want to purchase.
  5. For a Single Entry, click ‘Buy Now’; for a Subscription, select ‘Enter Now’.
  6. Your entries are now added to your basket.
  7. If interested in upgrading, an option is available for you to explore further.
  8. Proceed by clicking ‘Checkout’.
  9. Fill out your personal details, including contact email, country/region, first and last name, address, city, postcode, and phone number.
  10. Click ‘Continue to Payment’.
  11. Enter your Credit Card or PayPal details for payment.
  12. Finalise by clicking ‘Pay Now’.
  13. Boom! You’ve successfully entered the Omaze House Draw.

To enhance your better understanding, each of these 13 steps is further demonstrated with screenshots provided below. Let’s take a closer look:

omaze entry step 1
Omaze Entry Step 1
omaze entry step 2
Omaze Entry Step 2
omaze entry step 3
Omaze Entry Step 3

omaze entry step 4
Omaze Entry Step 4
omaze entry step 5
Omaze Entry Step 5
how to enter omaze step 6
How to Enter Omaze Step 6

how to enter omaze step 7
How to Enter Omaze Step 7
how to enter omaze step 8
How to Enter Omaze Co UK Step 8
how to enter omaze step 9
How to Enter Omaze House Draw Step 9

how to enter omaze step 10
How to Enter Omaze Competition Step 10
how to enter omaze step 11
How to Enter Omaze UK Step 11
how to enter omaze step 12
How to Enter Omaze Prize Draw Step 12

Troubleshooting: Unable to Log-in to Your Omaze Account!

In recent times, the issue of logging into Omaze accounts has become a significant concern. Numerous users have reported difficulties in signing into their Omaze accounts or setting them up, particularly for those aiming to make a single entry.

It’s evident that the sign-in problem on is prevalent, with users often able to access their accounts on the first attempt but facing hurdles during subsequent logins. To address these login challenges, it’s advisable to Contact Omaze directly through their official contact number and email.

Additionally, there have been instances where users noticed unwarranted deductions from their bank accounts by Omaze UK on a monthly basis, compounded by their inability to log in and manage their bank details on the site.

Investigations into these complaints revealed that some users inadvertently subscribed to recurring entries instead of making a one-time entry, and then struggled to unsubscribe due to login issues.

Those affected should immediately contact their banks to halt the Omaze subscription manually, especially since direct communication with Omaze personnel has occasionally yielded no response on this matter.

This situation points to a potential technical glitch in Omaze’s backend system that requires urgent rectification. In such scenarios, promptly reaching out to your bank is a crucial step.

Challenges such as login issues have sparked the ‘Omaze Controversy‘, raising questions like ‘Is Omaze Going Out of Business?’ and concerns over events like ‘Dream House Cancelled‘.

To understand the full scope of organisation, including ‘How Many People Enter the Competition‘, the impact on the community, who ‘Omaze’s Charity Partners‘ are, and the success stories of ‘Winners‘, be sure to explore the ‘Omaze Blog‘ for comprehensive insights.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide aims to provide a clear and detailed roadmap for navigating the Omaze platform. Whether opting for the paid online entry, the free postal method, or troubleshooting login issues, the steps outlined are designed to enhance your experience.

Omaze UK offers a unique blend of philanthropy and exciting opportunities of tremendous experiences, but it’s essential to approach each entry with understanding and awareness. Should you encounter any challenges, remember that resources and support are available to assist you in your Omazing journey.

If you prefer not to commit to a subscription while awaiting resolution of website backend errors, it is advisable to opt for a single entry instead, particularly in light of the current Omaze login issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter Omaze contests for free?

Yes, Omaze offers a postal entry method which is completely free. You can submit your entry via postcard or letter as per the guidelines provided on their website.

How do I make a paid entry on Omaze?

To make a paid entry, visit, select an experience or prize draw, choose the amount you wish to donate, and complete the payment process. Your donation amount corresponds to the number of entries you receive.

What should I do if I encounter login issues on

If you are experiencing login difficulties, first try resetting your password. If issues persist, contact Omaze customer service via their official phone number or email for assistance.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can enter an Omaze contest?

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit for a single contest, whether through paid or free methods. However, each postal entry must be sent individually.

How does the Omaze subscription work?

The subscription is a recurring payment option that automatically enters you into every eligible draw during the subscription period. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

What happens if I’m charged for an Omaze subscription I didn’t want?

If you find that you’ve been subscribed unintentionally, contact your bank to stop further charges and reach out to Omaze customer service for resolution.

How can I ensure my postal entry to Omaze is valid?

Ensure your postal entry is valid by clearly writing or typing your full legal name, address, email, and the specific prize draw you’re entering. Follow all guidelines as specified on the official website.

How do I make an Omaze Entry?

To do an Entry, you can either opt for an online paid entry via or use the free postal entry method. For online entry, visit the website, select an experience, choose your donation amount, and complete the transaction. For postal entry, send a postcard with your details to the given postal address. Both methods offer a chance to participate in unique experiences and support charitable causes.

Note: Before entering, ensure you thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions.

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