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Every day, ordinary lives across the UK are being transformed into extraordinary ones, thanks to Omaze LTD. This philanthropic platform has changed the rules of charitable giving, turning donors into winners. This article delves into the thrilling narratives of Omaze UK Winners who have reaped the benefits of this unique fundraising model.

omaze uk winners
Omaze Winners UK

How Many People Enter Omaze Competition?

Omaze: A Vision Beyond Prizes

Omaze Competition is not just about prizes. It’s about making a difference. By merging philanthropy with the thrill of a potential windfall, this organisation has revolutionised charitable giving.

From Omaze House Winners Now to Omaze Car Winners UK, the range of prizes is as diverse as it is impressive. You just need luck once in a lifetime to be a part of the Omaze Prize Winners list.

The Game-Changers: Omaze House Winners

`Perhaps the most sought-after category of prizes on offer by Omaze UK are the houses. These aren’t just any houses; they’re dream homes worth millions.

Let’s take a look at some of the Omaze House Draw Winners Now: `Perhaps the most sought-after category of prizes on offer by Omaze UK are the houses. These aren’t just any houses; they’re dream homes worth millions. Let’s take a look at some of the Omaze UK House Winners Now:

  • The Omaze Cornwall 3 House Draw is now underway. Let’s eagerly await the conclusion of the draw to discover who will be the lucky winner of the Omaze Cornwall House Draw 2024.
  • The winner of the Omaze Cotswold IV House draw is Sarah Stocks from Essex. Adding to the excitement, Michael from Coventry won the Valentine Gift of £250k in cash.
  • The winner of Omaze Mallorca House is Graham Dunlop from Southampton. He not only won the £3,000,000 villa in Mallorca but also get the £250,000 in cash.
  • The Omaze Somerset House Draw is concluded and the winner is Michael Maher. Michael from Luton, together with his wife Amanda won this incredible Omaze Xmas Gift that worth £3,000,000.
  • Oceanne Belle from Barking, won the 5 million pounds Chelsea Townhouse in London.
  • Jon, a resident of Berkshire, is the fortunate winner of the Gleneagles House in Scotland, valued at 3.7 million pounds.
  • June Smith, a grandmother from Essex won a 4.5 million pounds Cornwall house and became an Omaze House winner.
  • Kevin Johnson from East London won a 3 million pounds house in London.
  • Grant Carson, a Scottish from Glasgow won a 2.5 million pounds house in Lake District.
  • Mark Taylor from Devon won a 2 million pounds holiday villa in Marbella.
  • Jade won a 2.5 million pounds Kent House and became one of the Omazing House winners.
  • Uttam Parmar, aged 58 from Leicestershire won a 3 million pounds house on the north coast of Cornwall and became one of the Omaze house winners.
  • Jane, a teacher from Leicester won a 2.5 million pounds fully furnished dream house in the heart of Leicester. This prize changed her life, allowing her to retire early and spend more time with her family.
  • Mark, a courier from London won a 3 million pounds house in Kensington, one of London’s prime locations. His win allowed him to secure his family’s future.

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Omaze House Winner

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The High-Speed Thrill: Omaze Car Winners UK

Car giveaways from Omaze UK are equally dazzling. Omaze Car Winners UK have won everything from luxury sports cars to eco-friendly electric vehicles. A few of these Winners of Omaze are:

Who is the Winner of Norfolk House Omaze?

  • The Porsche Taycan 4S, an electric wonder, has been unveiled as the Mothers Day Gift in the latest Cornwall draw. Let’s hold our breath until the winners are announced to find out who will take home this electric marvel.
  • Lorraine from Cardiff is the lucky recipient of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Coupe, awarded as the Omaze New Year Gift.
  • Andrea from London won a brand new Land Rover Defender, worth around 60,000 pounds and became one of the Omaze Car Winners UK.
  • Bob and his wife Anne won a brand new VW ID Buzz, with over 60,000 pounds and became one of the Omaze Winners UK.
  • Joanne from Glenrothes won a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe, worth over 90,000 pounds.
  • Justin from Harpenden won a Volvo XC90, worth around 65,000 pounds and became one of the Omaze car winners UK.
  • David, a retired nurse from Liverpool won a vintage 1966 Jaguar E-Type, worth around 70,000 pounds. The cherry red classic car has always been his dream.
  • Claire D. from the Isle of Portland won a McLaren GT, worth around 200,000 pounds and became an Omaze UK car winner.
  • Sara D. from Chiddingstone won an Audi e-Tron S, worth over 90,000 pounds.
  • Emily, a single mother from Nottingham became one of the Omaze Car Winners UK by winning a Tesla Model S worth 83,000 pounds. As an environmental enthusiast, Emily was thrilled to drive home a green car.

Find the Winner of Omaze Yorkshire House!

Omaze Car Winner

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The Unconventional Wins: Other Omaze UK Winners

Omaze UK is known for its unique and extravagant prizes. Here are some more Omaze UK winners:

  • Mark Taylor from Devon won £250,000 cash in Marbella Superdraw and became an Omaze UK winner.
  • Jade won £50,000 cash in Grand Prize Winner and became one of the Omaze UK winners.
  • David from Oxfordshire won £250,000 cash and became an Omaze UK winner.
  • Chris and his wife Marie won £250,000 cash and became one of the Omaze UK winners.
  • Tim B. from Arundel won a cash prize of £125,000 and secured a spot in the list of Omaze Winners UK.
  • Paul, a mechanic from Birmingham won a fully equipped camper van worth £50,000. A nature lover, he always dreamed of travelling the UK in a van.
  • Sarah, a freelance designer from Manchester won a luxury yacht vacation for two in the Greek Isles. This £20,000 prize offered her the chance to unwind and experience the lavish lifestyle.

Who is the Omaze Cotswolds House Winner?

Omaze Cash Prize Winner

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Table: Omaze Winners UK Success Ratio

The Winners of Omaze success ratio are:

YearNumber of ParticipantsNumber of Winners
Omaze Winners UK

Is Omaze UK a Con?

The table depicts the rise in the number of Omaze Prize Winners over the years. This showcases Omaze’s commitment to bring about positive change in the lives of as many people as possible.

The Impact of Omaze UK: Giving Back

Omaze co uk has not only created winners but also given back to the community. Their model has raised millions for charities worldwide, impacting countless lives positively.

Who breaks the news of winning to Omaze Winners?

Do You Know?

Final Thoughts

Omaze has broken the mould of traditional charitable giving, turning philanthropy into an exciting adventure. The extraordinary tales of Omaze UK Winners are a testament to this transformative vision. Through their stories, we witness how Omaze is changing lives, one prize at a time.

Keep yourself in the loop with our latest news and insights by popping over to the Omaze UK Blog. It’s the perfect spot to catch up on all things Omaze, directly from us to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Omaze UK Winners

Who is eligible to participate in the Omaze UK giveaways?

Anyone over 18 years of age can participate in the giveaways. It’s open to participants worldwide.

How are Omaze Winners UK chosen?

Winners are selected via a random draw process, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection.

How are Omaze Previous Winners UK notified?

Winners are notified via email and are also listed on the official website.

Are the prizes delivered to the winners?

Yes, all the prizes, including houses and cars, are delivered to the winners.

What is the mission behind the Omaze giveaways?

Omaze aims to raise funds for charities while providing an opportunity for ordinary people to win extraordinary prizes.

What time does Omaze announce winners UK?

Omaze announces winners in the UK at 5pm on the Prize Winner Announcement date. This information can be found in the Experience Rules for each specific House Draw.

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