Grab the Opportunity to Win Omaze Cotswold House: A Multi-Million Pounds Dream Home in 2024

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about the perfect, opulent home nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds’ rolling hills and quaint villages? The Omaze Cotswold House 2024 giveaway could very well make that fantasy a reality by offering a chance to secure a magnificent residence that’s valued in the millions. So, what’s the catch?

omaze cotswold house
Omaze Cotswold House 2024

There isn’t one. This opportunity, christened the Omaze Cotswold House Draw 2024, invites you to imagine life in an abode where sophistication and peace are the bricks and mortar of your daily existence. Let’s peel back the layers and explore what makes this such a tantalising prospect.

Cotswolds England – A Place of Dreams

Nestled in the very heart of England, the Cotswolds stretch their timeless beauty from the lush riverbanks of the Thames to the rugged vistas overlooking the Severn Valley, encompassing Bath and Evesham Vale.

It’s a landscape so rich and expansive, covering 787 square miles, that it stands as the most extensive Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the country, surpassed only by the grandeur of the Lake District and the sprawling Yorkshire Dales.

This region, with its characteristic rolling hills, extends some 25 miles wide and 90 miles long, reaching from near Stratford-upon-Avon down to the edges of Bath, close to Radstock.

The Cotswolds are a tapestry of English counties, with Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire at its core, and fringes touching Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire.

And then there’s Cleeve Hill – at 1,083 feet, it’s not just the Cotswolds’ highest point but a pinnacle offering breathtaking views, just a stone’s throw from Cheltenham.

  • Recognised in 1966 for its breathtaking scenery, the Cotswolds is a treasure trove of nature, with verdant fields, winding rivers, and the distinctive, jagged limestone of the Cotswold Edge.
  • The villages in the Cotswolds are as though lifted from a storybook, with their golden stone cottages radiating the essence of English rural life. You’ll be enchanted by places like Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water, and Castle Combe.
  • Steeped in history, this area boasts a wealth of heritage, from the grandeur of Blenheim Palace and Highgrove House to the solemn beauty of ancient churches and ruins that pepper the landscape.
  • There’s something for everyone in the Cotswolds, with a wealth of activities that tap into the region’s natural and cultural offerings, from leisurely walks and bike rides to town explorations and outdoor adventures.
  • For the gastronomically inclined, the Cotswolds is a slice of heaven. Here, you can indulge in the finest local fare, be it the celebrated cheeses, the freshly baked scones, or the indulgent tradition of a Cotswold cream tea.

Explore the Omaze Cotswolds House 4

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the Omaze Cotswold House 4, the very definition of opulent living, all set within the enchanting embrace of England’s beloved countryside. This isn’t merely a property; it’s the embodiment of a dream realised.

Picture a sanctuary where tranquillity and sophistication reside, a place where contemporary luxury intertwines gracefully with the eternal allure of the Cotswolds, presenting a lifestyle opportunity in 2024 that’s second to none.

Let’s delve into some key facts about Omaze Cotswolds IV House:

House NameOmaze Cotswolds House 4
House LocationCotswolds, United Kingdom
House Offering Year2024
Bedrooms5 beautifully designed
Bathrooms5 elegant and modern
Property Value£3,200,000
Rental Value£5,000 – £7,000 per month
Property Area3,800 square feet meticulously designed for luxurious comfort
Property AccessibilityConvenient connections to major cities
Special FeaturesModern amenities, scenic views, Annexe, Butler’s Pantry, Home Office, and more
Omaze Cotswold IV House

The Omaze Cotswold House Features

omaze cotswolds house features
The Stunning Features of Omaze Cotswolds House 2024

Step into the world of the Omaze Cotswold House, where the timeless grace of the Cotswolds fuses with the finest modern comforts. Every corner of this home has been crafted with care, offering a living experience like no other, where classic elegance and modern refinement are in perfect harmony.

Let’s explore the features:

Front ElevationNestled in landscaped gardens with sweeping countryside views, this Cotswolds stone house marries rustic chic with contemporary elegance.
KitchenAn open-plan culinary paradise featuring Florim wood effect panels, Gaggenau appliances, and a grand marble island, reflecting the beauty of the outdoors.
PantryA striking green marble pantry, enclosed by Crittall doors, perfect for storing culinary essentials and prepping for grand dinner parties.
Front LoungeA vaulted double lounge with a panoramic countryside vista through a quadruple fronted window, ideal for enjoying afternoon tea.
Rear LoungeAn opulent lounge with a feature fireplace, vertical wall panelling, and reclaimed wood ceiling, offering serene views over the rear garden.
Main BedroomA forest green-themed main bedroom with an angular sloping roof and built-in room divider, echoing the Cotswolds’ natural charm.
Primary Guest BedroomA luxurious guest bedroom with lofty ceilings, an en-suite, and picturesque views of the Cotswolds hills, offering a sublime retreat for visitors.
Children’s BedroomA whimsical room with toy house bunk beds, soft bean bags, and cuddly companions, creating a magical space for children.
Main En SuiteFeaturing twin sinks, a freestanding stone tub, enclosed WC, garden views, and a grand walk-in shower, this en suite is the epitome of indulgence.
Dining RoomStep through the French doors from the kitchen to find yourself in a sophisticated dining room, its seamless connection to the patio setting the stage for effortless and elegant entertaining.
AnnexeComplete with a spacious double garage, practical utility areas, a convenient shower room, and a cosy snug, offers a private haven perfect for unwinding and enjoying some leisure time.
Outdoor SeatingNestled under the starry sky, you’ll find a welcoming outdoor seating area, an ideal spot for unwinding and soaking in the peaceful ambiance of the countryside.
Home OfficeA contemporary office space equipped with the latest technology, a grand reading chair, and inspiring garden views, ideal for creativity and productivity.
Outdoor DiningA magical outdoor dining space, perfect for alfresco dining beneath the stars, where cosy blankets and the soft glow of candlelight create an atmosphere of warmth and enchantment.
Omaze Cotswolds House Features

Omaze Cotswolds House 2024 Overview

The Cotswolds House Floor Plan

Taking a closer look at the Cotswolds House’s architectural blueprint, it’s key to remember that the floorplan figures are estimates.The entire property stretches over a remarkable 442 square metres (4,758 square foot), with the main residence itself encompassing 353 square metres (3,800 square foot).

Alongside, the annexe adds another 31 square metres (334 square foot) of space, and the garage, a spacious 32 square metres (345 square foot), all together demonstrating a carefully considered and spacious layout.

omaze cotswolds house floorplan
Omaze Cotswold House 2024 Floorplan

Omaze Cotswold House Location

Just a short, thirty-minute journey from the bustling, historic city of Oxford, you’ll find this Cotswolds gem, blending traditional charm with modern elegance amidst the verdant scenery.

Whether you’re drawn to rambling through the undulating countryside or delving into the rich cultural tapestry of Oxford’s renowned City of Spires, this luxurious home provides an ideal mix of peaceful rural life and exciting urban adventures.

Where is the Omaze Cotswold House?

Tucked away in the picturesque village of Charlbury, amidst an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswold House Omaze stands proudly. This impressive 4,700 sq ft property, occupying a third of an acre, offers breathtaking views of the Cotswolds’ enchanting countryside.

The residence, celebrated as the Cotswolds 4 Omaze Prize Draw house, is situated on High Street in Ramsden, a stone’s throw away from both Chipping Norton and Charlbury in Oxfordshire, and can be found at the postcode OX7 3AZ.

For those curious about the Omaze Cotswolds House Address, the exact location can be pinpointed on Google Maps with these coordinates: 51.833933, -1.481324, bringing you right to the heart of this magnificent Cotswolds 4 2024 house.

Here’s a location map:

Why the Omaze Cotswold House?

Begin an adventure to uncover the distinct charm of the Omaze Cotswold House, a place where the allure of luxury, the promise of a smart investment, and the spirit of giving come together, presenting much more than a mere abode.

  • Smart Investment Choice: Securing this house isn’t just a step into a world of luxury; it’s a savvy investment move. Known for their ever-increasing value, properties in the Cotswolds represent a wise financial choice.
  • Supporting Lives: Your participation goes beyond the chance to win a house; it’s a gesture of support for charitable causes. A considerable part of the proceeds from the Cotswolds Omaze House contest goes towards charitable causes, ensuring that your participation makes a meaningful difference beyond the competition.
  • Countryside Living at Its Best: Imagine a life enveloped in the Cotswolds’ peacefulness. The Cotswolds House Omaze isn’t just another house; it’s a haven offering a tranquil and picturesque way of life.

What Omaze Cotswolds House Draw 2024 is Offering?

The Omaze Cotswold House Draw 2024 offers an incredible chance to become the owner of a property worth an astonishing £3,200,000. Considering the prospect of renting?

This Cotswolds house could fetch a handsome monthly rental income ranging from £5,000 to £7,000. What’s more, the winner will be relieved of any stamp duty, mortgage, or conveyancing fees. The package comes complete with all the stylish furnishings within the house, allowing the new owner to enjoy the full Cotswolds experience from day one.

Moreover, the Grand Prize Winner receives an additional £100,000 in cash, providing flexibility to either settle in, lease the property, or even become a multi-millionaire by selling this luxurious estate.

This isn’t just a prize; it’s a gateway to a new, worry-free lifestyle, where every detail is tailored to ensure a seamless transition into your dream life in the Cotswolds.

Early Bird Prize – A Valentine Gift

Seize the opportunity for an extraordinary Valentine’s gift this year. By entering early in the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Cotswolds, not only do you stand a chance to win the grand prize – a luxurious house in the Cotswolds valued at over £3,000,000 – but you also get the possibility to win a staggering £250,000 in Valentine’s cash.

This could be the ultimate in Valentines Gifts, transforming the traditional concept of a Gift Valentine into something truly life-changing.

Previously, Omaze UK has also offered festive surprises, including Christmas Gifts and New Year’s Gift. Now On Valentine’s Day, the chance to claim a quarter million pounds could be yours, offering a unique opportunity to bestow this Valentine gift upon your special someone on this day of love. 

Previous successful Omaze Draws include the Norfolk, Yorkshire, Devon, London, Somerset, Cornwall, and Mallorca House Draws, among others. We anticipate that this Cotswolds House draw will follow in the footsteps of these past triumphs.

Delve into the Cotswolds Draw Results to reveal the winning entry codes that have changed lives, ushering winners into the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds.

These codes are your gateway to embracing the tranquil beauty and rustic charm of one of England’s most beloved regions, where every day feels like a page from a storybook.

The Supporting Cause – GOSH Charity

The Omaze Cotswolds Draw proudly supports the GOSH Charity – Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The hospital stands as the UK’s foremost centre for child heart surgery and a global leader in heart transplants.

It has pioneered developments in children’s heart-lung machines, hydrocephalus treatments, and significant advancements in immunodeficiency therapies.

When you take part in the Omaze Cotswolds 4 House Draw, you’re doing much more than just vying for a win; you’re supporting a truly noble endeavour.

The money collected will significantly aid GOSH Charity in setting up a new Children’s Cancer Centre, a vital initiative in the fight against childhood cancer.

With the goal of raising £1,000,000, Omaze .co .uk is committed to building two state-of-the-art Molecular Radiotherapy Suites.

Achieving £1,150,000 would allow the creation of a vital parent-focused space within the centre. Furthermore, an astounding £2,000,000 would enable the funding of eight new ensuite bedrooms, thoughtfully equipped with additional beds for parents.

So, make a difference with your entry into the Cotswolds House Draw, and join in GOSH Charity’s mission to forge new paths in overcoming childhood cancer.

Gosh Charity Overview

How Much Money Raised?

With the help of Omazing people, Omaze UK has raised and donated £3,000,000 to GOSH Charity through Million Pounds Cotswolds House Draw.

Moreover, Omaze has committed to an ambitious goal: to raise £10,000,000 over the coming five years as one of the pioneering supporters of a groundbreaking initiative to establish a new Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Liz Tait, the Director of Fundraising at GOSH Charity, expressed her gratitude, stating, “This generous donation is a game-changer for us. It will significantly contribute to the creation of a state-of-the-art Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital, advancing our mission to conquer childhood cancer for good.

Our collaboration with Omaze UK for a second time fills us with excitement, and we’re eager to see this fruitful partnership flourish further in the next five years.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who participated in the prize draw. Your support for children battling serious illnesses is extraordinary, and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

How Much Money Raised for GOSH Charity?

The Entry Deadlines

Mark your calendars for the Omaze Cotswolds House 2024 competition, set to conclude in February 2024. If you’re planning to join in, remember that the Cotswold draw wraps up on 25th February 2024 for those entering online, and on 27th February 2024 for postal entries.

Also, if you’re eyeing the special Valentine gift from Omaze, be sure to get your entry in by Wednesday, 14th February 2024.

Who knows, you might just find yourself among the fortunate circle of lucky Omaze winners. Full terms and conditions are available on the official Omaze UK website.

If you’re not familiar with How to Enter Omaze Draw, our detailed guidelines are here to assist you. Briefly, there are two entry methods: a paid online entry and the Omaze Free Entry, which is via postal.

Additionally, you can take advantage of Omaze Discount Code and Coupons for potential savings. Remember the more you donate the more Omaze Odds of winning will be yours.

The Cotswolds Draw Winners

This competition, the fourth of its kind in The Cotswolds, follows the successful Omaze Cotswolds III House 2023, where Will Satherley from Cardiff emerged as the fortunate winner.

Don’t forget to check your Omaze entry code after 14 February to see if you are the lucky winner of Omaze Valentine Gift. Perhaps you’ll be the lucky one to walk away with a quarter million pounds.

The lucky recipient of the Omaze Cotswold IV House Draw is none other than Sarah Stocks from Essex. Imagine the sheer disbelief Sarah felt when she was told she had won a luxurious Cotswolds house valued at over £3,000,000.

“I was in complete shock, even standing inside the house didn’t make it real. I half-expected a friend to pop out and yell ‘gotcha’!” Sarah recounted.

For Sarah, a mother of two who secured this incredible prize with just a £10 monthly subscription, winning the Omaze Million Pound House is a life-altering event for her family:

“We had been saving for a modest two-bedroom bungalow, dreaming of making it our forever home. And now, here we are, about to move into a sprawling five-bedroom residence in the Cotswolds.”

In addition to the house, Omaze UK provided Sarah with £100,000 in cash to help her and her family transition smoothly into their new, luxurious country life amidst the stunning landscapes of the Cotswolds.

Omaze Cotswolds 3 House Winner

Meanwhile, Michael from Coventry won the £250,000 Valentine’s cash prize in the Cotswolds House Draw.

Delighted by his early bird victory, Michael shared that this unexpected fortune opens up new possibilities for him and his partner. They’re now looking forward to traveling, relocating, and beginning to plan for the family they’ve always wished for.

Additionally, do explore our comprehensive guide on the Omaze Winner Process for a clearer understanding.

Final Thoughts

As we approach the eagerly anticipated Omaze Cotswolds House 2024 competition, it’s important to reflect on the remarkable opportunities it embodies. This event isn’t just about winning a luxurious house; it’s a gateway to potentially life-altering experiences and the joy of making a significant difference through charitable support.

The possibility of becoming a homeowner in one of the UK’s most picturesque locations, coupled with the chance to support groundbreaking initiatives at GOSH Charity, melds the allure of luxury with the warmth of philanthropy.

Participating in this draw means engaging in an extraordinary event that captures the essence of hope, generosity, and the chance to realise dreams. It’s a testament to the power of community and the impact of collective efforts for a greater cause.

For the latest updates on topics such as Omaze Competitors, the nuances of any Omaze Controversy, details on the rare occurrence of the Omaze Dream House Cancelled, or insights addressing the question ‘Is Omaze a Scam?’, be sure to visit the Omaze Blog.

With an Omaze Subscription, you’ll stay informed and connected with all the current happenings and discussions surrounding these pertinent issues, ensuring you’re always in the know.


What is the Omaze Cotswolds House Draw 2024?

The Omaze Cotswolds House Draw 2024 is a sweepstake competition that offers the chance to win an exotic house in the Cotswolds valued at over £3,200,000, along with other early bird prizes.

Where is the new Omaze Cotswolds house?

The new Omaze Cotswolds House is in the picturesque region of Charlbury, within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Oxfordshire, England.

Where is the Omaze Cotswolds house?

The Omaze Cotswolds House from the 2023 draw was located near Chipping Campden, with the postcode GL55 6UR. In contrast, the Omaze Cotswolds House for 2024 is located near Chipping Norton and Charlbury in Oxfordshire, bearing the postcode OX7 3AZ.

How can I enter the Omaze Cotswolds House Draw?

You can enter the draw online or via postal entry. Visit the official Omaze UK website for full details and entry methods.

What is the deadline for entering the Omaze Cotswolds 4 House Draw 2024?

The online entries will wrap up on 25th February 2024 and the postal entries on 27th February 2024. Make sure that you enter the draw on time.

What is the special Valentine’s gift in the Omaze draw?

An early entry into the draw by 14th February 2024 puts you in the chance to win an additional prize of a quarter million pounds as a Valentine’s gift.

How does participating in the Cotswolds draw support GOSH Charity?

Funds raised from the draw will help GOSH Charity build a new Children’s Cancer Centre and contribute to other significant projects, enhancing their ability to combat childhood cancer.

Can I rent out the Omaze Cotswold House if I win?

Yes, it’s upon the sole discretion of the winners whether to live in the property or to rent it out. The property has the potential for rental income from £5,000 to £7,000 per month approximately.

Are there any additional costs or fees for the winner?

No additional cost or fee like stamp duty, mortgage etc has to be paid by the winner. The house comes with furnishings and an additional £100,000 cash.

What is the floor area of the Omaze Cotswolds 4 House 2024?

The total Gross Internal Area is 442 sq m (4,758 sq ft), with the main house being around 353 sq m (3,800 sq ft) approximately.

Who won the previous Omaze Cotswolds house in 2023?

The winner of the 2023 Omaze Cotswolds house was Will Satherley from Cardiff.

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      So, whether you’re sunbathing in Spain or skiing in the Alps, as long as you have an internet connection, you can throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win.

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