Enter the Omaze Devon House Draw – Win £2.2M Dream House in 2023!

Every year, thousands of contests emerge, promising dream homes and prizes. Among them, the Omaze Devon House 2023 stands out, not only offering a chance to claim a luxurious abode but also intertwining the allure of the picturesque Devon region.

Beyond the appeal of the property, participants get to engage in a contest that champions a noble cause, placing it a cut above the rest in the realm of prize draws. The sheer blend of luxury and altruism has made this opportunity particularly resonant.

omaze devon house
Omaze Devon House 2023!

But why? Dive into this comprehensive exploration of the most talked-about sweepstakes of the year and uncover truths hidden beneath the surface.

Is Omaze Legit?

The Glamour of Devon

Devon, beyond the allure of the Omaze UK House, is a gem in its own right. Its rich history, scenic coastlines, and quaint villages breathe an elegance unmatched, making it a dream destination for many. Renowned for its golden sandy beaches, and the delectable Devonshire cream tea, this county has long been a favourite among travellers.

The glamour of Devon is not just in its natural beauty but also in the cultural experiences and memories it offers, solidifying its status as a top holiday spot.

The Allure of the Omaze Devon House 2

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Devon, the Omaze House Devon 2 has become an iconic symbol for luxury and elegance. But where is the Omaze Devon House located precisely? It sits atop rolling hills with an unmatched view of the English countryside, drawing countless people into the sweepstakes.

The architecture encapsulates modern design while embracing traditional English elements. Truly, the Omaze.co.uk Win a House Devon contest offers more than just a house; it promises a lifestyle. This property features farmhouse beams and comes without a mortgage, with all stamp duty and legal fees taken care of.

Below, you’ll find essential details regarding Omaze Devon – the house of your dreams:

  • Bottor Cottage: This Georgian property has undergone significant renovations since its last sale in 2014.
  • Hennock Village: This picturesque English village, closest to the house, boasts a church, community hall, and the historic 16th century pub – The Palk Arms.
  • Bovey Tracey: Often referred to as ‘The Gateway to the Moor’ due to its closeness to Dartmoor, this town is larger and more prominent.
  • Railway & History: Bovey Tracey has a railway station and was once home to the famous Bovey Tracey Potteries, in operation for nearly two centuries.
  • Modern Attractions: Today, the town features several pubs such as the Cromwell Arms, The Bell Inn, and the Dolphin Hotel. Additionally, it houses the Dartmoor Whisky Distillery.

Omaze Devon House 2023 Overview!

How Do Omaze Get the Houses?

Where is the Omaze Devon House 2023?

Nestled on the outskirts of Devon’s Dartmoor National Park and just a half-hour drive from the pristine Ness Cove Beach, the Omaze Devon 2 House is positioned in a coveted locale.

For those wondering, “Where is the Omaze Devon House Located?”, a precise pointer would be the coordinates on Google Maps: 50.6113611,-3.6583611. Additionally, the postal code for the property is TQ13 9PT. The blend of nature’s serenity and accessibility makes it a true gem.

The Omaze Devon House 2023 Address is:

Explore our extensive guide on ‘How to Make an Entry on the Omaze Website?‘ to gain a thorough understanding of both the paid and free entry methods, ensuring a complete perspective on how to participate in Omaze’s offerings.

The Omaze Devon 2 House Experience

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury living with the Omaze Devon House 2. Every inch of this property is designed with meticulous detail, exuding grandeur and opulence. Delve into the features that make this astonishing property the talk of the town:

Fully FurnishedReady to move in, with each piece chosen for aesthetic and comfort
House AreaSpacious 3660 sq feet abode
BedroomsFive high-class sanctuaries for relaxation
Bathrooms3 top-class retreats, perfect for rejuvenation
Dining Room8-person setup – Open-plan kitchen dining space with glazed walls overlooking the gardens
Outside Dining8-seater alfresco setup with picturesque garden views
Lounge/Living AreaCosy brick fireplace with a traditional log burner
Guest BedroomDesigned for luxury and comfort
Home OfficeDedicated space for creativity and productivity
Landscaped GardenLush lawns, wonderous woodlands, fabulous floral displays
Guest HouseTwo-bedroom with shower room, open-plan kitchen, dining, and living space
Omaze Devon House 2023 Features

Do You Know Omaze is Going Out of Business?

A Deeper Dive: Omaze Devon House Problems

While the Omaze Devon House 2023 offers unparalleled luxury and is set amidst nature’s bounteous beauty, there are certain concerns that prospective winners may wish to consider. As with any grand property, there are pros and cons that come with the territory. Let’s explore some critiques that have been raised about the Devon 2 house:

  1. Remoteness: The house’s secluded location, while offering tranquillity, could pose challenges in terms of accessibility and being distant from urban amenities.
  2. Maintenance Complexities: A property of such grandeur and size can have intricate maintenance needs, which might be overwhelming for some, especially if they are unaccustomed to managing large estates.

Do You Know Omaze Dream House Cancelled?

The Omaze Devon House Draw 2023

The Omaze Devon 2 House Draw is not just another sweepstakes – it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. With the grand prize valued at an astounding £2,200,000 cottage home, winners have the chance to move into a home that’s the epitome of luxury.

To sweeten the deal, the house comes with an estimated rental value of £3,000/month. But the allure doesn’t stop there. On winning, not only do you gain ownership of the £2.2m house, but you also receive an added bonus of £100,000 in cash to cover running costs and maintenance.

The chance to live mortgage-free, with no conveyancing fees or stamp duty to worry about, makes this offer even more enticing. Plus, the house comes fully furnished.

With that added £100,000, winners have the flexibility to move in, rent out the property, or even sell and walk away as a multi-millionaire. You can also experience the thrill of the multi million Pounds house draw through Omaze Free Entry.

Your last chance to enter the Omaze Devon House 2023 Draw!

So, why wait? This beautiful house in Devon could be all yours. Dive into the opportunity and change your destiny!

Make sure to delve into the Devon House Draw Results, which include the winning entry codes to a dream home in Devon. These codes might just open the door to a world where the lush countryside meets the tranquil sea, offering you a piece of paradise. It’s your chance to claim a haven in one of the UK’s most scenic destinations.

What is the Omaze.co.uk Ticket Price?

An Early Bird Prize – Enter Today to Win Even More!

As if the opportunity to win a luxury home wasn’t enough, the Devon Omaze House Draw brings an exciting twist for the early birds. Those who enter by Midnight on Sunday, 10th September stand a chance to drive away with a VW California Ocean Camper Van, valued at £80,000.

Beyond its worth, this campervan is designed for absolute comfort on long journeys, boasting features like electric adjustable mirrors, an automatic gearbox, spinning seats, and a comfortable armrest. It’s not just about winning a house; it’s about elevating your lifestyle.

Explore the features of this luxurious campervan with Omaze’s Paul Rees:

Omaze Devon House 2023 Early Bird Prize – VW California Ocean Campervan

So, mark your calendar and enter the Omaze million pound house draw early for a chance to win this spectacular early bird prize!

Get the Omaze UK Winner Guide!

Who Won the VW California Ocean Camper Van in the Devon House Draw?

Introducing Stanley and his wife Ruth from Flintshire, the proud winners of the VW California Ocean Camper Van in the Devon House Draw.

Not long ago, financial strains led them to say goodbye to their cherished campervan. So, imagine their elation when Paul informed them about their big win in the Devon House Draw! They’re now set to embark on new adventures in an impressive upgrade of their former ride!

Who is the Winner of VW California Ocean Camper Van in the Devon House Draw?

Which Charity Omaze Devon House Draw is Supporting?

The heartening cause behind the Devon 2 House Draw is none other than MACMILLAN Cancer Support. The esteemed Eastenders actor Larry Lamb champions this cause, bearing a personal connection as his brother succumbed to cancer in 2019.

Macmillan Cancer Support stands as a beacon of hope, offering physical, financial, and emotional help to those battling cancer. Every entry into the Devon House Draw 2023 bolsters Macmillan’s mission, granting a lifeline when it’s most needed.

The Devon House 2023 Supporting Macmillan Cancer Support

Make a difference; take part in this omazing initiative and reinforce the invaluable endeavours of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Devon House 2023 Draw has impressively raised £1,700,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, enough to sustain 27 cancer support nurses for an entire year!

Gemma Peters, the Chief Executive at Macmillan Cancer Support, commented, “The multifaceted challenges of cancer require us to be there for individuals every day, offering whatever support is needed.

Being a charity heavily reliant on public contributions, we are profoundly grateful to the Omaze community for this remarkable fundraising effort. Such funds will significantly benefit numerous individuals battling cancer.”

How Much Money Devon House Draw Raised For Macmillan Cancer Support?

What are the Odds of Winning Omaze UK?

Who Won Omaze Devon House 2023?

Eagerly wondering, “Who is the winner of Devon House 2 Draw?” Well, hold that anticipation a bit longer! The Omaze Devon house draw 2023 is in full swing, accepting entries throughout September 2023, with the final deadline set for Saturday, September 30th. Omaze Presenter “Jo Pickard” will personally deliver the winning news to the recipient.

Simon Williams, from West Sussex, won the Omaze Devon House 2023 with £100,000 in cash. Upon answering our call, he expressed, “This is a monumental shift for me and my daughters. The rollercoaster of emotions I’ve experienced in the last 18 hours is overwhelming.”

He further added, “Originally, I had dinner plans with mates that evening, but I postponed to meet with the official crew and grasp the extent of my win. Skipping a meal at Wagamamas for a £2,000,000 home was undoubtedly a trade-off I’m pleased with.

The Winner of Devon House draw 2023!

Find the Omaze Fake Winners!

The 2023 Devon House Omaze – At A Glance

For those looking to quickly grasp the grandeur and offerings of the Omaze 2nd Devon House, the following table breaks down the property’s key aspects. From its majestic structure to its valuation, here’s everything at a glance:

LocationDevon, England
Property TypeQuintessential Cottage House
Property Area3660 sq feet
Property Worth£2.2m
Rental ValueAn estimated £3,000/month
Main AttractionPicturesque views, Modern-meets-traditional architecture
Draw Date30 September 2023
Known IssuesDistance from urban centres, Maintenance challenges
Omaze Devon 2 House

For a deeper understanding and answers to all your queries, head over to our Omaze Blog. Whether you’re curious about other Omaze Prize draws like the Somerset House, Cornwall House, London House, Wimbledon House, or Ascot House Draws, or you’re wondering about tax implications on Omaze prizes, we’ve got you covered there.

The Omaze Gleneagles House Draw is still open, but will conclude in October 2023. So, don’t forget to get the Omaze Subscription!


The Omaze Devon House 2023, for many, represents a dream. The enchanting house in Devon, its aesthetic appeal, and the very idea of owning such a masterpiece have entranced millions.

However, like all things, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Diving beyond its majestic facade, there’s a narrative of community and philanthropy, as each entry contributes to a benevolent cause.

Winning aside, participants play a role in a story larger than the house itself. Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the contest, the allure of the prize, or the spirit of altruism, one thing’s for certain – the Omaze Devon 2 House has become a phenomenon that’s hard to ignore.

With winter’s arrival heralding the festive season, this year presents an opportunity to win millions pounds of Omaze Christmas Gifts. Remember to join now and don’t miss out! Another festive gift is on the way known as Omaze Valentine Gift, presented in the Omaze Cotswold House Draw as an early bird prize.

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Where is the Omaze Devon House 2023?

Omaze Devon 2 House is located in the heart of Devon, England, amidst lush landscapes and serene environments.

Where is the Omaze Devon House Located specifically?

The house is situated on the outskirts of Devon’s Dartmoor National Park and just a half-hour drive from the pristine Ness Cove Beach.

When is Omaze Devon House Draw 2023?

The Devon House 2 Draw is going on and is open for entries in September 2023.

What are some known Omaze Devon House 2023 Problems?

Some critiques include the remoteness and maintenance complexities of Omaze Devon 2 House.

What’s the buzz about Omaze Devon House 2023?

As the latest iteration of Omaze’s house giveaways, this edition promises luxury, serenity, and architectural marvel, making it the talk of the town.

When will the Omaze Devon House Draw 2023 winner be announced?

The draw is open for entries throughout September 2023, with the deadline being September 30th. The winner’s announcement will follow shortly after this date.

How do I locate the Omaze Devon House 2 on Google Maps?

Use the coordinates 50.6113611,-3.6583611 to pinpoint the exact location of the house. Additionally, the postal code TQ13 9PT can provide a general location.

Which charity benefits from the Omaze Devon 2 House Draw?

The Devon 2 House Draw supports MACMILLAN Cancer Support, championed by Eastenders actor Larry Lamb.

What is the Early Bird Prize in the Omaze Devon House Draw 2023?

An exciting Early Bird Prize is the VW California Ocean Camper Van, valued at £80,000. Entering before Midnight on Sunday, 10th September, gives participants a chance to win this vehicle.

What’s the estimated rental value of the Omaze Devon House 2?

The estimated rental value of the house is approximately £3,000 per month.

What type of property is the Omaze Devon 2 House?

The property is a Cottage House, offering both modern amenities and traditional charm.

Who is the Winner of VW California Ocean Camper Van in the Devon House Draw?

Stanley and wife Ruth From Flintshire won the VW California Ocean Camper Van in the Devon House Draw.

Note: Always remember that participating in Omaze sweepstakes should be done with caution. Ensure that you’re aware of terms, conditions, and any associated costs with Omaze Competitions. Best of luck to all participants!

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