Grab the Opportunity to Win Omaze Cornwall House in 2024: Let’s Explore this Dream Home

Cornwall’s stunning, rugged coastlines, peaceful landscapes, and rich history have always been a source of fascination. Omaze‘s newest addition to their Million Pound House Draw, the Omaze Cornwall House for 2024, continues this tradition of captivating the public’s interest. This presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of this picturesque region.

omaze cornwall house
Omaze Cornwall House 2024 Insights

This blog delves deep into the enchantment of the Omaze Cornwall III House, exploring every facet of what makes this opportunity not just a chance to win a house but to embrace a lifestyle coveted by many.

Cornwall, England – A Land of Celtic Charm & Coastlines

Cornwall captures hearts with its stunning blend of natural wonders, historical depth, and cultural vibrancy. Tucked away on England’s southwestern tip, kissed by the Celtic Sea and the English Channel, it’s a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Boasting over 675 miles of coastline, destinations like Land’s End and St. Ives offer havens for those longing for the sea’s soothing touch. The essence of Cornwall is deeply entwined with its Celtic heritage, reflected in its language and age-old customs, revealing a story rich in history.

Away from the shore, the landscape transitions to the wild beauty of Bodmin Moor and hidden coves, ideal for both adventure seekers and those looking for peace.

The quaint towns and villages throughout Cornwall are brimming with charm, home to welcoming pubs and eateries where the local seafood is a culinary highlight.

From catching waves, uncovering historical gems, or simply enjoying the calm of the countryside, Cornwall’s enchantment is boundless. Let’s explore what makes Cornwall so special:

  • Population Insights: Cornwall’s welcoming arms extend to roughly 532,300 souls, painting a picture of a close-knit yet expansive community.
  • Economic Landscape: The pillars of Cornwall’s economy stand on the robust grounds of tourism, agriculture, and the age-old tradition of fishing.
  • Climate Overview: Blessed with a mild and temperate aura, Cornwall is also known to embrace a bit more of the heavens’ tears than other English locales.
  • Cultural Tapestry: A deep-rooted Cornish identity flourishes here, with the year round echoing traditional melodies, dances, and the vibrant hues of festivals.

The Evolution of the Dream: From the First to the Third

Since its inception, the Omaze House Cornwall initiative has captivated the public’s interest, offering not just homes, but dreams. The first Cornwall house was introduced in 2022, marking the beginning of a series of opportunities that blend philanthropy with the chance to win stunning properties.

Following the success of the initial offering, the Omaze Cornwall 2 House was unveiled in 2023, further cementing the popularity of the scheme.

Now, in 2024, we are introduced to the Omaze Cornwall III House, a testament to the enduring appeal of Cornwall and the Omaze UK concept.

Cornwall HouseYearCharity SupportedOmaze Contribution
First2022Blood Cancer UK£1,950,000
Second2023Marie Curie£2,100,000
Omaze Cornwall House Offerings

Explore the Omaze Cornwall House 2024

Cornwall 3 House Overview

Dive into the essence of luxury living with the Omaze Cornwall House 2024, a beacon of modern design and comfort nestled in the heart of Cornwall. This property isn’t just a house; it’s a statement of fine living and architectural wonder, promising an unrivalled lifestyle experience.

Let’s delve into some key facts about Omaze Cornwall 3 House:

House NameOmaze Cornwall House 3
House LocationCornwall, United Kingdom
House Offering Year2024
Total Bedrooms5, each a masterpiece of design
Total Bathrooms4, combining elegance with contemporary comfort
Property Area3,850 square feet meticulously designed for luxurious comfort
Property Value£3,100,000
Property Rental Value£3,000 – £4,000 per month
Property AccessibilityDesigned with ease of access, blending seamlessly with the stunning Cornish landscape
Special FeaturesA Secret Den and a Sunken Hot Tub in the open
Omaze Cornwall 3 House

Omaze Cornwall House Features

cornwall house features
Omaze Cornwall 3 House Features

Discover a sanctuary where every detail is a testament to luxury and comfort. The Omaze Cornwall House features a blend of contemporary design with natural elegance, creating spaces that are both inviting and breathtaking.

Each feature of the Omaze House Cornwall is meticulously crafted by the property developers, offering a unique blend of luxury and tranquillity, designed to make every moment at home a cherished memory.

Let’s take a look at the features of this multi-million pounds house:

Front ElevationNestled within gently sloping, landscaped gardens, this contemporary marvel boasts wood cladding and expansive windows.
LoungeA characterful space with vaulted ceilings, exposed rafters, and a striking stone chimney, wrapped in warm hues.
KitchenFeaturing bespoke zebra wood cabinets, sleek Corian countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances for effortless hosting.
Living RoomAn open-plan haven with a plush, soft blue sofa, offering tranquil views over meticulously kept lawns.
Dining RoomNatural light floods through sliding glass doors, highlighting the elegant dining setup on polished parquet floors.
Main BedroomSlide open the doors to a balcony offering refreshing coastal breezes, complementing the luxurious bed within.
Main Bedroom En SuiteA sleek, monochrome retreat featuring a rainfall shower and a deep, standalone bath, with views of historical ruins.
Primary Guest BedroomPanoramic views and a serene palette under a lofty, pitched roof create a zen-like guest experience.
Sunken Hot TubSecluded within marram grass, this hot tub on wooden decking is a serene spot to enjoy nature’s orchestra.
Children’s BedroomA balcony window and stairs to a secret mezzanine den make this room a haven of adventure for the young at heart.
Outdoor Seating AreaBegin your day amidst nature on this stone terrace, with cushioned sofas set against a backdrop of a rockery garden.
Garden OfficeA minimalist, tranquil workspace in a wood-lined summer house, perfect for creativity and reflection away from the bustle.
Omaze Cornwall 3 House Features

The Cornwall House Floor Plan

Immerse yourself in the Cornish House, where architectural grace meets expansive living. This splendid home has been carefully designed down to the last detail, promising an environment of both luxury and style.

  • Approximate Gross Internal Area: 3850 sq ft, offering expansive living spaces.
  • Lounge: 20’4″ x 19’6″, a grand area for entertaining and leisure.
  • Kitchen/Dining Room: 27’10” x 22’5″, a chef’s dream with state-of-the-art appliances and ample space for dining.
  • Living Room: 14’7″ x 13’9″, a perfect spot for family gatherings or quiet evenings.
  • Gallery/Studio: 13’10” x 9’5″, a versatile space for creativity and display.
  • Main Bedroom: 22’3″ x 17’2″, a spacious sanctuary with breathtaking views.
  • Bedroom 2: 16’3″ x 14’10”, generously sized for comfort and relaxation.
  • Bedroom 3: 14’8″ x 11’2″, cosy yet spacious, with natural light.
  • Bedroom 4: 16’0″ x 11’3″, welcoming and warm, ideal for guests or family.
  • Bedroom 5: 15’3″ x 11’10”, charming and inviting, with plenty of room for personalisation.
  • En-Suite: 9’8″ x 8’6″, featuring premium finishes for a spa-like experience.
  • Bathroom/En-Suite: 10’4″ x 10’2″, elegantly designed with luxurious fixtures.
  • Bathroom: 11’1″ x 7’4″, a beautifully appointed space for relaxation.
  • Utility/Shower Room: 9’8″ x 9’4″, combining functionality with sleek design.
  • Garage: 25’0″ x 19’2″, spacious enough to accommodate vehicles and storage.

cornwall house floor plan
Omaze Cornwall 3 House Floor Plan

The Omaze Cornwall House Floor Plan showcases the careful consideration and meticulous attention to detail that transform this luxurious house into an extraordinary sanctuary you’d be proud to call home.

Omaze Cornwall House Location

Tucked away in the quaint village of St Agnes, the Cornwall 3 Omaze Prize Draw House stands with pride on Rosemundy, adding to the picturesque beauty of Saint Agnes, Cornwall.

This gorgeous property features its own private driveway with plenty of parking space, sprawling gardens, and incredible views across St Agnes from its elevated spot, truly making it a standout gem in Cornwall.

Where is the Omaze Cornwall 3 House?

Marked by the postcode TR5 0UD, this exotic property is the third to grace The Cornwall with its presence. For those keen to pinpoint its exact location, the coordinates are 50.3109276349321, -5.198293630225982, guiding you to a spot where natural beauty meets historical charm. Discover the precise spot on the following location map:

What Omaze Cornwall House Draw 2024 is Offering?

Jump into the Omaze Cornwall 3 House Draw for a chance to transform your life with a grand prize that’s not just any house, but a gateway to new possibilities. Envision clinching a property worth over £3 million that could also bring in a monthly rent of £3,000 to £4,000.

Sweetening the deal, there are no worries about stamp duty, mortgage, or conveyancing fees. With the house fully furnished and an extra £100,000 in cash, the winner is free to settle in, rent it out, or even sell.

Imagine stepping into the life of a multi-millionaire, breathing in the fresh spring air at your exquisite new home in St Agnes. Remember, you have to play to win this extraordinary slice of Cornwall.

Early Bird Prize – Porsche Taycan

Seize an early opportunity in the Omaze Million Pounds House Draw for Cornwall and you’re not just eyeing the grand prize: a breathtaking Cornwall house valued over £3,000,000.

You’re also in the running for an extraordinary bonus – the chance to win a luxury car; Porsche’s inaugural electric marvel, the Porsche Taycan 4S. This sleek saloon marries the latest in design and luxury with the unmatched performance of a Porsche, creating a new benchmark for electric super-saloons.

Circle the date for an Early Bird entry, transforming the conventional Mother’s Day gift into an extraordinary surprise worth over £150,000, truly a life-changing gesture.

With Omaze UK’s history of festive delights like Christmas gifts, Valentines gift, and New Year gift, this Mother’s Day offers the unique chance to gift or win the Porsche Taycan 4S, redefining celebrations of love and gratitude.

Dive into the Omaze Cornwall draw today for a chance at this unprecedented gift.

Past Omaze Draws have captured imaginations far and wide, with successful events of Norfolk House, Yorkshire House, Devon House, London House, Somerset House, Cotswold House, and even as far afield as Mallorca House. We’re excited to see the Cornwall House draw join this illustrious list of memorable victories.

The Supporting Cause – WWF

The Omaze Cornwall House Draw 2024 champions a noble cause, rallying support for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF UK). Recognized around the world, WWF leads the charge in protecting the natural wonders and rich diversity of our planet.

From its beginnings in 1961, it has grown to operate in more than 100 countries, working tirelessly to:

  1. Protecting Endangered Species and Their Homes: WWF is passionately committed to the preservation of a diverse range of species, from majestic whales and tigers to the tiniest insects and amphibians, each at risk of disappearing forever.
  2. Combating Climate Change: Recognizing the profound impact climate change has on both our natural world and society, WWF is at the forefront of demanding swift, meaningful measures to mitigate these effects and adapt to the ongoing changes.
  3. Promoting Sustainable Practices: In partnership with businesses, governments, and community groups, WWF is on a quest for creative strategies that ensure we live in harmony with nature, leading us towards a sustainable future for all.

In the UK, the efforts of WWF have made a substantial impact on both conserving and safeguarding the environment, persistently advocating for a future where people and nature thrive side by side.

Omaze Co UK has pledged a minimum donation of £1,000,000 to WWF from the proceeds of the Cornwall House Draw. WWF is playing a crucial role in achieving the UK’s ambitious target of revitalising at least 15% of its seagrass by the year 2030.

Let’s explore how varying levels of fundraising can make a difference in restoring seagrass beds and helping coastal wildlife to recover:

Amount of FundsUK Coastline AreasTime Period
£1,000,00021 year
£1,200,00031 year
£1,400,00041 year
£1,600,00051 year
£1,800,00061 year
£2,000,00071 year
Omaze Contributions to WWF

Why the Omaze Cornwall House in 2024 Stands Out?

The Omaze Cornwall 3 House in 2024 reveals a treasure unlike any other, setting a new benchmark for luxury and sustainable living. Let’s explore what makes this gem so extraordinary.

  1. Location: Tucked away in Cornwall’s picturesque centre, this house offers incredible views, easy access to gorgeous beaches, and a deep connection with some of the UK’s most stunning natural scenery.
  2. Design: This home beautifully combines contemporary luxury with a commitment to the environment, ensuring every aspect from comfort to aesthetics is thoughtfully balanced with sustainability.
  3. Opportunity: Winning the Omaze House Draw means not just acquiring a property, but embracing a lifestyle that many dream of but few attain.

Understanding the Omaze Cornwall House Problems

While the dream is vivid, it’s also vital to address the Omaze Cornwall House Problems. Transparency is key, and potential winners should be aware of the responsibilities that come with property ownership, including maintenance, taxes, and the commitment to a new lifestyle.

However, these are not deterrents but aspects of the reality of owning a dream home, each manageable with the right planning and resources.

Cornwall Draw Entry Deadline

Circle the dates on your calendar for the Cornwall House Omaze Competition 2024, drawing to a close in March 2024. For those eager to participate, take note that the Cornwall draw ends on 25th March 2024 for online entries, and postal entries have until 27th March 2024.

Moreover, if you’re aiming for that special Mothers Day gift from Omaze, make sure to submit your entry by Sunday, 10th March 2024.

You never know, you could soon be joining the ranks of the lucky Omaze winners. For all the details, the official Omaze UK website has the full terms and conditions.

If you’re wondering about “How to Enter Omaze Draw?“, don’t worry, our comprehensive guide is here to help. In a nutshell, you have two ways to join: through a paid online entry or the “Omaze UK Free Entry” option, which involves sending your entry by post.

Moreover, you might want to keep an eye out for “Omaze Discount Code & Coupons” – they could snag you some sweet savings. And remember, the more you contribute, the better your “Omaze Odds of Winning” become.

Cornwall Draw Winners 2024

The winner of the Omaze Cornwall House Draw will be revealed after the competition wraps up. This exciting event, marking the third instalment in Cornwall, comes on the heels of the Omaze Cornwall 2 House 2023 draw, which saw June Smith from Essex clinch the coveted prize.

Exploring the Omaze Cornwall Draw Results unveils the winning entry codes that have transformed lives, welcoming new winners to the stunning landscapes of Cornwall.

These codes are more than just numbers; they’re your ticket to experiencing the allure and warmth of one of England’s most cherished locales.

For a deeper dive into how winners are chosen, make sure to check out our detailed guide on the “Omaze Winner Process” for all the insights you need.


As we conclude our exploration of the magical chance offered by the Omaze Cornwall House Draw, we’re struck by its remarkable fusion of thrill and philanthropy.

This draw is far more than a contest for a house; it’s an invitation to join a movement where the excitement of possibly securing your ideal home meets the profound gesture of contributing to charity.

Looking ahead to the revelation of the forthcoming winner, let’s hold onto the hope and benevolence sparked by this initiative. Here’s a toast to the dreams that unite us and the opportunities they create. May your aspirations soar as high as the Cornish skies in this extraordinary adventure.

Make sure to visit the Omaze Blog for an insider’s look at Omaze UK. It’s your go-to source for all the details, stories, and reassurances you need – like confirming, “Is Omaze Legit?” – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Cornwall is the Omaze house?

The Omaze house is located in the picturesque region of Cornwall, UK. Omaze UK’s selection of Cornwall houses spans the charming locales of Rock, Fowey, and St Agnes.

When is the Omaze Cornwall House Draw?

The much-anticipated Omaze Cornwall 3 House Draw is set for March 2024. This follows the previous draws, with the Cornwall 2 House unveiled in 2023 and the inaugural Cornwall house draw taking place in 2022.

Where is the Omaze Cornwall House?

Omaze UK’s trilogy of Cornwall houses began in Rock, continued in Fowey, and the latest, the Omaze Cornwall 3 House, resides in St Agnes, gracing Rosemundy with its postcode TR5 0UD.

How can I enter to win the Omaze Cornwall House 2024?

Participants can enter by making a contribution through the Omaze website, with each entry supporting charitable causes. The other option is to enter through postal entry which is free.

Are there any issues with the Omaze Cornwall House?

While owning a house comes with responsibilities, the Omaze team offers support to winners in navigating any challenges, ensuring a smooth transition.

Where is Omaze Cornwall House?

The Omaze Cornwall House that is offered in 2024 is located in St Agnes. For those willing to take a look please open these coordinates “50.3109276349321, -5.198293630225982” on Google Maps.

What makes the Omaze Cornwall III House special?

Its unique blend of modern luxury, sustainability, and location in one of the UK’s most beautiful regions makes it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Can I enter the Omaze Cornwall House Draw for free?

Yes, alongside the paid online entry method, there’s an “Omaze Free Entry” option available via postal submission, ensuring everyone has a chance to participate in this exciting opportunity.

What benefits come with using an Omaze Discount Code & Coupons?

Utilising “Omaze Discount Code & Coupons” can offer potential savings on your entries, making it even easier to contribute to this charitable cause while increasing your chances to win.

How are the Omaze Odds of Winning determined?

The “Omaze Odds of Winning” are influenced by the number of entries you submit. The more you donate, the greater your chances of winning, giving you an edge in the draw. Also keep in mind the charm of luck here.

What happens after the Omaze Cornwall House Draw concludes?

Once the draw concludes, the “Omaze Cornwall House Draw Winner” will be announced, marking the exciting culmination of the event and the beginning of a new chapter for the lucky winner.

Where can I find more information on the Omaze Winner Process?

For those curious about how winners are selected, a comprehensive guide on the “Omaze Winner Process” is available on TheUKDiary, providing clear insights into the selection and announcement procedures.

What is the early bird prize in the Omaze Cornwall House Draw 2024?

Entering early not only puts you in the running for the grand prize but also for the Early Bird Prize – a Porsche Taycan, offering an added layer of excitement to the competition.

How does the Omaze Cornwall House Draw support charitable cause?

A significant portion of the proceeds from the draw is pledged to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), showcasing the event’s commitment to supporting vital conservation efforts and promoting a sustainable future.

What is the deadline to enter the Omaze Cornwall House Draw?

The Grand Prize Draw for the Omaze Cornwall House will conclude in March 2024, with online entries closing on the 25th and postal entries on the 27th. For a shot at the Early Bird Prize, a Porsche Taycan, make sure to enter by 10th March 2024. Don’t miss these key dates to be in with a chance!

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