Dogs Trust Leeds and Omaze UK: Decoding An Important Charity Partnership

“Dogs Trust Leeds”, a prominent name for all canine lovers in Leeds, is an integral part of Dogs Trust, the UK’s foremost canine welfare charity. Operating as a key centre within the overarching organisation, The Dogs Trust Leeds carries forward the charity’s nationwide mission at a local level, directly serving the Leeds community.

This organisation has been nurturing, rehoming, and advocating for man’s best friend for several years.

dogs trust leeds
The Dogs Trust Leeds and Omaze UK

This laudable centre is often a beacon of hope for abandoned or mistreated dogs, contributing positively to animal welfare and local communities alike. But, has this commendable mission led Leeds Dogs Trust to a charity partnership with Omaze co uk? Let’s delve into this captivating premise.

Dogs Trust Leeds: A Sanctuary for Canines

Leeds Dog Trust, also known as “Dogstrust Leeds”, serves as a sanctuary for dogs, offering a haven imbued with empathy and respect. It’s a part of the Dogs Trust network, a cornerstone of dog welfare initiatives across the UK. As a notable beacon within this network, The Dogs Trust Leeds epitomises the charity’s ethos of “every dog deserves a loving home”.

This trust, based in Leeds, is renowned for prioritising animal welfare. In “Dogstrustleeds”, each dog is treated as a unique individual, catered to with compassion, care, and meticulous attention to health and happiness.

Leeds Dogs Trust

Is Dogs Trust Leeds a Partner with Omaze UK?

Omaze UK, an innovative fundraising platform, is famous for creating win-win situations for charities and donors. In order to emerge victorious in Omaze Competitions, one must successfully navigate through the designated winner’s process set by Omaze UK.

But the pressing question, “Is Dog Trust Leeds, a prominent charity dedicated to canine welfare, forging a collaboration with Omaze UK Limited?” lingers.

Given both entities’ philanthropic pursuits, the prospect of this alliance could paint a future full of intriguing possibilities and synergistic growth in charitable endeavours.

A Deep Analysis: Make Me a Winner vs Omaze UK!

Why Might Leeds Dogs Trust Partner with Omaze UK?

A partnership between Dogstrust Leeds and Omaze UK isn’t an entirely far-fetched idea. Both organisations harbour a shared vision of community betterment and philanthropic endeavours. Let’s explore some compelling reasons that could make such an alliance advantageous.

  • Shared Missions: Both entities foster an environment of giving back to the community. While “Leeds Dog Trust” focuses on animal welfare, Omaze UK provides a platform to raise funds for numerous charities. A partnership could amplify the reach and impact of Dogs Trust Leeds.
  • Increased Funding: Dogstrustleeds, through this partnership, could unlock a new funding source, enabling it to rescue and rehome more dogs.
  • Public Interest: The intriguing mixture of philanthropy and winning unique experiences could draw more public interest towards the Leeds Dogs Trust mission.

Which Cause Omaze Yorkshire House Draw Support?

A Charity Partnership in Numbers – Dog Trust Leeds with Omaze UK

Before we embark on a journey, it’s important to understand the quantitative facts that underpin Omaze UK Dogs Trust. How many dogs are rescued by “Dogstrust Leeds” each year? How many active donors does Omaze UK have?

Let’s quantify the impact of this prospective partnership through these significant figures. They provide a glimpse into what could be achieved if these two entities decided to align their philanthropic efforts.

FactsDogs Trust LeedsOmaze UK
Year Established18912019
Number of Dogs Rescued Per Year1000+350+ (Supported)
Number of Active Users/DonorsMore than Ten ThousandMore than Ten Million
Dogs Trust Leeds and Omaze UK Partnership

Dogs Trust Leeds Adoption – Behind the Scenes of Real Stories

Omaze UK has impressively raised and donated £850,000 to support Dogs Trust through the Lake District House Draw. To delve deeper into the specifics of this noble achievement, refer to the informative Omaze UK Blog. To contribute towards better lives for our faithful four-legged friends, secure your Omaze UK subscription today.

You too can join in this win-win scenario, aiding man’s best friends in the process, but first, it’s crucial to understand ‘How to Make an Entry on Omaze‘. Fortunately, it’s quite straightforward – simply visit our detailed guide to get started.

Important Information About Dogs Trust Leeds

Question, How to get to Dogs Trust Leeds? When it comes to supporting or visiting “Dog Trust Leeds”, having key details at your fingertips can enhance your interaction. Here’s some vital information that could prove helpful for visitors, potential adopters, or anyone wishing to support this noble mission in any capacity.

  • Dogs Trust Leeds Location: Woodlands Farm, York Rd, Leeds, Yorkshire LS15 4NL, United Kingdom.
  • Dogs Trust Leeds Email Address: [email protected]
  • Dogs Trust Leeds Contact/Telephone Number: 0303 003 0000
  • Dogstrust Leeds Opening Hours: 12–4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pre-arranged appointments on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Wheelchair Access at Leeds Dogs Trust: The facility is wheelchair accessible, ensuring it is open and welcoming to all canine lovers.

Remember, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to the official Dog Trust Leeds communication channels.


The partnership between “Dog Trust Leeds” and Omaze UK is tremendous. The benefits for both parties and the wider community are significant. We continue to appreciate the tremendous work Dogs Trust Leeds carries out, serving as a beacon of hope for canines and their advocates.

Regardless of partnerships, the ceaseless dedication to canine welfare by Leeds Dog Trust is a testament to their value in the community.

Omaze UK‘s benevolent efforts extend beyond enhancing the lives of dogs, as it also contributes significantly to human welfare.

This includes a pivotal partnership with Omaze Cancer Research UK, among many others, including Teenage Cancer Trust, the British Heart Foundation, NSPCC, The RNLI. This extensive network exemplifies Omaze’s commitment to the betterment of life in many forms.


What is Dogs Trust Leeds?

Dogs Trust Leeds is a leading dogs’ welfare charity in Leeds that focuses on rescuing and rehoming abandoned or mistreated dogs.

Is Dogs Trust Leeds a charity partner of Omaze UK?

Yes, Dog Trust Leeds is a charity partner with omaze.

How to get to Dogs Trust Leeds?

The Dogs Trust Leeds is located at Woodlands Farm, York Rd, Leeds LS15 4NL, United Kingdom. You can reach out to them via their official website or directly visit their location.

What types of dogs do Dogs Trust Leeds rescue and rehome?

Leeds Dogs Trust rescues and rehomes dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes, striving to find them suitable and loving forever homes.

Does Dogs Trust Leeds offer volunteering opportunities?

Yes, Leeds Dog Trust offers a range of volunteering opportunities. It’s best to contact them directly or visit their official website for current opportunities.

Can I donate toys to Dogs Trust Leeds?

Absolutely. Dogs Trust Leeds appreciates donations of toys to keep their resident dogs engaged and happy. However, it’s recommended to contact them directly to find out about any specific needs or restrictions.

Does Dogs Trust Leeds offer adoption services?

Yes, Dogstrustleeds provides adoption services for those looking to provide a loving home for a rescue dog.

How can I fundraise for Dogs Trust Leeds?

You can fundraise for Dogs Trust Leeds by setting up your own fundraising initiative or participating in an existing one. It’s always best to check with the centre or their official website for the most effective and needed ways to contribute.

Can I foster a dog from Dogs Trust Leeds?

Dogs Trust Leeds does have a fostering program, but the availability can vary. It’s best to contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

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