Has Anyone Won Omaze With Free Entry? Unmasking the Truth

Omaze, a platform known for its unique experience-based sweepstakes, has garnered significant attention globally. Its blend of charitable giving and life-altering prizes has made it a favourite among many.

As its reach expands and more individuals explore the platform, a recurring question emerges, driven by both hope and curiosity: “Has Anyone Won Omaze With Free Entry?” Let’s delve deeper into the specifics.

has anyone won omaze with free entry
Has Anyone Ever Won Omaze With Free Entry?

The Myth & Reality of Winning Omaze with Free Entry

Omaze offers not just paid, but also free entries for its experiences. This naturally prompts the question: Can You Enter Omaze for Free, and more importantly, win? The age-old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” often comes to mind when we talk about winning big prizes without any monetary input.

However, with Omaze, the paradigm shifts. Delving deep into the tales of Omaze winners and understanding the mechanisms behind the free entries will reveal that dreams, at times, do come true without a price tag. Is it really a myth or a reality veiled in disbelief? Let’s dive in and find out.

Concept Behind Free Entries

While many might ponder the rationale behind offering free entries, Omaze has clear and strategic reasons for doing so: it enhances accessibility, encourages wider participation, and upholds a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute to charitable causes.

  • Equality & Fairness: Omaze ensures a fair playground for all participants, irrespective of their financial capabilities.
  • Promotion & Engagement: Allowing enter Omaze For Free options can increase participation and attract potential future donors.
  • Brand Awareness: Offering a no-cost entry option creates a buzz and attracts more individuals to their platform, raising overall awareness.
  • Legal Obligations: In certain jurisdictions, it’s a regulatory requirement to provide a chance of winning without any purchase.

Real Stories of Winners

There’s often scepticism around big prize wins, especially when the entry is free. However, a dive into Omaze’s history reveals numerous authentic stories of jubilant winners who defied the odds of winning without shelling out a penny.

Numerous winners from different parts of the world have come forward sharing their joyous moments of winning via free entries.

These aren’t mere tales but real-life experiences of everyday individuals. Like Nicole from the United States, Ian and Kevin from the United Kingdom, there are many more. The detailed list of people who won Omaze prizes with free entry is mentioned below in this post.

Exploring The UK Scene: Has Anyone Won Omaze With Free Entry UK?

The UK’s vibrant charitable culture and enthusiasm for sweepstakes combine to form a unique landscape. Amid this backdrop, many Brits have pondered over the authenticity of Omaze’s free entries and the possibility of a dream win.

Given the platform’s growing prominence in the UK, let’s delve deeper into understanding if any fellow Brit has truly walked away with a grand prize without a paid entry.

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Demystifying Omaze Free Entry: How To Enter Omaze For Free?

In a world where ‘free’ often comes with strings attached, the prospect of winning life-changing experiences without a cost seems almost dreamlike. Yet, Omaze Co UK has made this dream tangible for many. Curious about how Omaze free entry works? Here’s the step-by-step guide to enter Omaze for free:

  1. Register on the Omaze platform.
  2. Choose the Omaze house draw/experience you’re interested in.
  3. Then submit a post entry for that specific Omaze draw, which is completely free.
  4. Ensure your postal entry has been submitted.
  5. Voila, you’re in! Now wait for the winner’s announcement.

Be sure to view our expanded guide for an in-depth look at the Omaze Postal Entry process.

Reasons Why Omaze Offers a Free Entry Option

At first glance, offering prizes for free might seem counterintuitive for a business model. However, Omaze’s strategy is rooted in deeper considerations:

  • Regulatory Requirements: Certain jurisdictions necessitate options for free participation in such sweepstakes.
  • Building Trust: Offering a free entry builds credibility and trust among users.
  • Expanding User Base: Free entries act as gateways for newcomers, increasing the platform’s user base.
  • Positive PR: Such gestures enhance Omaze’s public image, demonstrating a genuine commitment to its mission beyond profits.

List of Omaze Winners Who Won with Free Entry

It’s a common misconception that Omaze’s free entries don’t result in winners. Here’s a compilation of some lucky participants who won big without spending a penny:

Winner NameWinner LocationPrize and It’s WorthWinning Year
Nicole BarkerTexas, USA$1 Million House2017
Ashley and David GrahamCalifornia, USA$1.5 Million House2018
Sarah and Jason CookeNorth Carolina, USA$1.4 Million House2019
Ian GarrickCheshire, UK£1 Million House2020
Kevin JohnsonManchester, UK£3 Million House & £100,000 Cash2023
Has Anyone Ever Won Omaze With Free Entry?

There’s a fantastic opportunity to win the Omaze New Year’s Gift at no cost if you enter the Omaze Mallorca House Draw by New Year’s Day. This means that not only do you get a chance to win a luxurious Omaze House in Mallorca, but you could also be the lucky recipient of the New Year’s Gift for free, enhancing the excitement and potential rewards of your participation.

Kevin Johnson, Omaze Free Entry Winner!

This list underscores the genuine chances of winning with a free entry. Whether you’re in the UK, the USA, or elsewhere, the dream isn’t far from reality. Always remember, you’ve got to be in it, to win it. These instances are merely a handful of those who’ve secured Omaze prizes without a paid entry.

Omaze emphasises that every entry, be it through a donation or free, stands an equal shot at victory. You also have the option of utilizing free entry for a chance to win the Omaze Christmas Gifts.


In a digital age filled with endless opportunities and scepticism in equal measure, Omaze stands out as a beacon of genuine chance and philanthropy. The frequent queries of “Has Anyone Won Omaze With Free Entry?” only reiterate the curiosity surrounding such platforms.

As we’ve delved deeper into this topic, it’s clear that not only does Omaze offer legitimate chances to win, but it also champions a broader cause, bridging dreams with reality for many, cost-free.

It’s essential to recognise that this organisation operates as a genuine sweepstakes enterprise with real individuals emerging as winners. Nevertheless, one must bear in mind that such sweepstakes are rooted in luck, offering no assured victory. You might also explore Omaze feedback on Reddit.

Like many impactful organisations, this one too encountered challenges, such as the ‘Omaze Dream House Cancelled‘ incident, leading some to speculate that Omaze is going out of business.

However, such assumptions are unfounded. For any further enquiries from Omaze competition to Omaze Competitors, kindly visit the Omaze Blog, and remember to get the Omaze Subscription.


How often can one enter Omaze for free?

Participants can enter daily for each experience.

Is the probability of winning the same for paid and free entries?

Yes, every entry, paid or free, has an equal chance to win.

How many times can you enter Omaze for free?

Typically, Omaze allows a certain number of free entries per person for each campaign. It’s essential to check the specific rules for each sweepstake to know the exact count.

How to enter Omaze for free?

To participate in Omaze for free, visit the sweepstake’s official page, scroll down to the ‘alternative method of entry’ section, and follow the given instructions or you can use the postal entry which is totally free.

Can you enter Omaze for free?

Yes, Omaze provides an option to enter its sweepstakes without making a purchase or donation. This ensures fairness and inclusivity for all participants.

Has anyone won Omaze with free entry in the UK?

Yes, there have been winners from the UK who have secured prizes through it’s free entry option, as highlighted in our article.

Has anyone ever won Omaze with free entry?

Absolutely! Numerous winners, both within the UK and internationally, have won prizes on Omaze without a paid entry like Ian Garrick.

Has anyone won Omaze with free entry on Reddit?

There have been discussions on Reddit where individuals claim to have won or know someone who has won with a free entry. However, it’s always wise to verify such claims through official announcements.

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