Omaze UK Companies House: A Big Revolution in Fundraising

Welcome to the innovative realm of Omaze UK Companies House, a unique platform that is revolutionising the fundraising landscape. In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate the ins and outs of the Omaze UK Company House structure, its purpose, and its outstanding accomplishments.

Understanding the Omaze UK Company House Phenomenon

omaze uk companies house
Omaze UK Companies House

In the heart of the UK’s corporate sector lies the Omaze UK Company House, a digital charity platform. As a part of the broader Companies House, it stands as a key player in the UK’s fundraising efforts. Here are some facts:

  • Omaze UK Company House operates under the larger umbrella of the Companies House, which governs all registered businesses in the UK.
  • This initiative specialises in experiential fundraising, providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences as rewards for charitable donations.

Why is Omaze UK Companies House Unique?

This section delves into the unique aspects of Omaze UK Companies House, highlighting what sets it apart in the realm of charitable fundraising and social enterprise. The unique features of Omaze UK Company House are:

Experiential FundraisingInstead of traditional fundraising, Omaze Competition provides memorable experiences.
Broad Charity SpectrumOmaze covers a vast range of charity areas from healthcare to education.
Global ReachDespite being UK-based, Omaze has a global impact, reaching donors and charities worldwide.
Omaze UK Company

This unique feature of experiential fundraising sets Omaze UK Companies House apart from the traditional fundraising industry. It leverages the power of unforgettable experiences to drive charitable donations, thus fostering a culture of giving in the UK and beyond.

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Omaze UK Company House Overview

This Company House overview provides an in-depth look at the company’s structure, operations, and its role in the charity sector.

  • Company Name: Omaze UK Limited
  • Company Number: 12056935
  • Company Status: Active
  • Company Type: Private limited company
  • General Partners: Zero
  • Limited Partners: Zero
  • Incorporated on: 18th June 2019
  • Accounts Category: Total Exemption Full
  • Nature of Business (SIC Code): 82990 (other business support services activities)
  • Registered Office Address: 3rd floor 1 Ashley road, Altrincham, UK, WA14 2DT
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Who is Omaze UK Lady?

Omaze UK Companies House Management

  1. Matthew Pohlson
  • Role: Director
  • Status: Active
  • DOB: November 1977
  • Appointed On: June 18th, 2019
  • Nationality: American
  • Country of Residence: United States
  • Occupation: CEO
  1. James Allen Oakes
  • Role: Director
  • Status: Active
  • DOB: September 1977
  • Appointed On: 18th June 2019
  • Nationality: British
  • Country of Residence: United Kingdom
  • Occupation: CIO
  1. Amit Lakhani
  • Role: Director
  • Status: Active
  • DOB: July 1992
  • Appointed On: 1st April 2023
  • Nationality: British
  • Country of Residence: United Kingdom
  • Occupation: VP Finance
  1. Nina Sen
  • Role: Director
  • Status: Inactive
  • DOB: March 1982
  • Appointed On: 18th June 2019
  • Nationality: American
  • Country of Residence: United States
  • Occupation: CFO
  • Resigned On: 7th February 2023
  1. Oakwood Corporate Secretary Limited
  • Role: Secretary
  • Appointed On: 18th June 2019
  • Registration Number: 7038430

Omaze UK Company House Filing History

This section offers a detailed glimpse into Omaze UK Company House’s filing history, reflecting its evolution and milestones in corporate compliance and governance.

30 May 2023Amit Lakhani (Director) Appointment
30 May 2023Nina Sen (Director) Termination
22 November 2022Accounting Period Extended
14 September 2022Accounting Period Shortened
05 July 2022Statement of Confirmation
05 Jul 2022Director’s Details Changed
05 Jul 2022Director’s DetailsChanged
05 Jul 2022Director’s Details Changed
21 April 2022Full Accounts Exemptions (Total)
25 August 2021Small Company Accounts
18 June 2019Incorporation – Statement of Capital
Omaze UK Company House

To view these filing histories, please click here!

The Impact of Omaze UK Companies House

The contribution of the Omaze UK Companies House to the community and society at large is commendable. It has successfully channelled substantial funds towards numerous charitable causes, positively impacting many lives. The way the Omaze UK Company House combines enjoyment with charitable deeds is a testament to its innovative approach.

Omaze UK Companies House: The Future of Philanthropy

As we step further into the 21st century, the role of platforms like Omaze UK Companies House in shaping the future of philanthropy cannot be understated. With its innovative experiential fundraising model, Omaze UK Companies House is actively disrupting the charity sector, offering a fresh, more engaging method of contributing to worthy causes.

This modern approach not only broadens the reach of charities but also attracts a new demographic of donors. The allure of potentially winning an exclusive experience adds an exciting twist to the process, making philanthropy more appealing, particularly to the younger generation.

By harnessing the power of the internet, the Omaze UK Company House has extended its influence beyond the UK, facilitating global participation in charitable giving. As it continues to break down barriers in fundraising, the Omaze UK Companies House is not just making a difference today—it’s shaping the future of philanthropy.

Through its pioneering efforts, the Omaze UK Company House is proving that charity can be fun, exciting, and rewarding, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a global culture of giving. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine the landscape of future philanthropy without the innovative footprint of Omaze UK Companies House.


The Omaze UK Companies House has redefined the art of fundraising, making it an exciting and rewarding journey rather than a mere transaction. As we look forward to more innovative approaches in the charity sector, the Omaze UK Company House undoubtedly leads the way, embodying the future of fundraising.

To dive deeper into our world and uncover more detailed insights, make your way over to the Omaze UK Blog. It’s where we unpack the stories and analyses behind our initiatives, all ready for you to explore.


What is Omaze UK Companies House?

Omaze UK Companies House is a part of Companies House that specialises in experiential fundraising, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences in return for charitable donations.

What makes Omaze UK Companies House different from other fundraising platforms?

Omaze UK Companies House is unique in its approach to fundraising. Instead of the typical donation process, Omaze offers donors the chance to win exclusive experiences or prizes, making fundraising more enjoyable and engaging.

Who can donate through Omaze UK Companies House?

Anyone, from anywhere around the globe, can contribute to the charities partnered with Omaze UK Companies House and stand a chance to win exclusive experiences.

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